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Being a chemist isn’t always easy. Every day you must overcome new challenges, push boundaries and break through barriers to get results. Keeping abreast of such a complex, vast field of study can feel overwhelming.

Reaxys will make life that much easier, providing a better way to keep up with the latest research, save time on searching and design original experiments, all in one place.

Benefit from: - The most reliable chemistry data - Best-in-class retrosynthesis - An incredibly easy-to-use interface.

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Keep up with research

Staying abreast of such a complex, vast field of study can be overwhelming. Reaxys not only helps you stay up-to-date, it will also give you an extra edge with seamless access to:

  • 100 million chemistry relevant documents

  • Over 72 million reactions

  • Over 38 million patents

  • 44 million bioactivities

  • Integrations with ScienceDirect and other Elsevier platforms

Search by keyword, structure drawing or detailed queries. It’s never been easier to explore and stay up-to-date with chemistry and scientific research.

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"Reaxys is, in my opinion, the most complete database that allows a researcher to access the vast corpus of chemistry knowledge quickly and accurately."



Gustavo Pablo Romanelli, Dr.

GISOE Group Leader at Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Design better experiments

Design more efficient experiments with improved yield, industrial applications and commercially available starting materials. A great help to chemists who are conscious about prioritising a more sustainable approach.

As a world leader in retrosynthesis and predictive retrosynthesis, Reaxys has been independently tested and validated to deliver scientifically robust route proposals.

With detailed information on both published and predicted synthesis routes, you’ll be able to find the answers with a much higher degree of certainty.

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Who uses Reaxys?

Heads of department

Reaxys is perfect for chemistry leaders with the desire to keep themselves and their colleagues at the forefront of their field. We understand that huge demands are placed on your time, and you’re expected to deliver results, identify new grant opportunities and ultimately enable your department to produce accurate, original and meaningful work on a consistent basis.

Elsevier is a world-leader in this space, and Reaxys helps senior professionals like you achieve these goals and drive wider scientific progress.


Reaxys is the ideal tool for researchers who are keen to spend more time in the lab and less time in textbooks. If you’re passionate about creating new solutions that make an impact on the real world, Reaxys can unlock new opportunities by enabling you to be more confident, more productive, more innovative and more collaborative.

We know time pressure is a huge challenge for researchers, but because Reaxys allows you to complete everyday tasks much faster, it gives you more time to focus on your goals and how you want to achieve them and really make a name for yourself.

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