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Elsevier print books returns policy for EMEALA & APAC


  1. This policy applies to all Print Books purchased from Elsevier on or after 1 January 2018 (“Books”). For purchases made before 1 January 2018, the returns policy in effect at the time of the relevant purchase shall apply.

  2. To be eligible to be returned to Elsevier, all Print Books (“Books”) should comply with the terms of this policy.

  3. Once the terms of this policy have been complied with, and before making any return, approval for the said return must be obtained from Elsevier by following this process:

    1. Complete a request for authorisation to return (“RFA”) form (see Annex 1);

    2. Attach all required documents (see Annex 2); and

    3. Submit RFA with supporting documents to the email address provided within the RFA.

  4. Elsevier will endeavour to process each RFA within 30 days of its receipt.

  5. If approval for returns is granted (“Approval”), a copy of Approval must be included in each carton. If Books are returned without the Approval and outside of the terms of this policy, a credit note will not be raised and the Books may be disposed of by Elsevier.

Conditions for return

All intended returns must meet the conditions listed below.

  1. (Reasons for return) Elsevier will only accept returns of Books for one or more of the following reasons:

    1. Category A: Damaged, Imperfect (e.g. pages missing, printing errors, etc).

    2. Category B: Recalled by Elsevier.

    3. Category C: Incorrect items, short delivery.

    4. Category D: Overstocked (normal returns).

    5. Category E: Out-of-Print (“OOP”), Superseded editions.

    6. Category F: at Elsevier’s discretion on a case by case basis.

  2. (Exceptions to Condition 1) The following Books are not eligible for returns even if they meet Condition 1:

    1. Books supplied on a firm sale basis.

    2. Books supplied as part of a pack cannot be returned for individual credit.

  3. (Period of return) Books are only eligible for returns within the following time limits:

    1. Category A - C: no limit.

    2. Category D: between three (3) months and fifteen (15) months of original invoice date.

    3. Category E: within four (4) months of notification of OOP status by Elsevier (where confirmed) and within six (6) months of publication of a new edition.

    4. Category F: at Elsevier’s discretion on a case by case basis.

  4. (Original invoice) All Books returned must have been originally invoiced by Elsevier and a copy of the original invoice must be attached to the RFA.

  5. (Physical condition of Books) Books returned must be in the following physical condition:

    1. Risk (for damage and total or partial loss) is with the customer until delivery to our warehouse.

    2. The quantity and physical condition of Books is as found when the Books are un-packed at the Elsevier warehouse to which it was sent. Any differences between the customers returns advice and what is found on un-packing at the warehouse is at the customer’s risk, and will not be credited.

    3. With the exception of Books returned pursuant to Category A, Books will only be credited if Elsevier deems them to be in re-saleable condition.

    4. For Category E returns, we will accept the copyright page and front and back covers and spine. Exceptions to be agreed locally.

    5. All non-Elsevier price markings or stickers must be removed prior to return.

  6. (Location of return) Books may only be returned at a warehouse located in the Territory as described in the Agreement pursuant to which the Books were purchased from Elsevier unless we have agreed a consolidation service under separate cover.

  7. (Cartons). All Books must be returned in cartons and each carton must comply with the following:-

    1. Single cartons must weigh no more than 20kg. Any single carton above this weight will be rejected by Elsevier and remain with the carrier.

    2. Cartons should be of a sufficient standard with packing material to ensure good condition of Books while in transit.

    3. Cartons with obvious signs of damage will be rejected by Elsevier and remain with the carrier.

    4. All cartons containing returns for Elsevier must have a green Elsevier returns label clearly visible on the outside of the carton with the following information clearly and legibly completed: Customer name; Account number; Address; Postcode; Contact name; Contact phone number; Box number. The box should also contain Original invoice number, ISBN; Title; Quantity and Reason for return. Cartons without these details will be rejected by Elsevier and remain with the carrier. Deviations to this policy to be agreed by Elsevier.

    5. All cartons should include the RFA and corresponding Approval.

  8. (Cost of returns) The cost of returns will be borne as follows:-

    1. Category A-C: Elsevier.

    2. Category D: all costs of delivery up to delivery to the applicable Elsevier warehouse (Delivered Duty Paid) are at the customer’s expense.

    3. Category E: all costs of delivery up to delivery to the applicable Elsevier warehouse (Delivered Duty Paid) are at the customer’s expense.

    4. Category F: to be mutually agreed upon between the parties.

  9. (Disputes) In case of dispute of delivery or receipt of the return shipment, the customer’s carrier must be able to provide a dated, named and signed document as proof that the return has been delivered to and received by the warehouse.

Remedy: Exchange, Credit/Refunds

Books  - Non-book items may be returned for credit if all the above criteria are met and if original packaging and security seal (if fitted) remain intact.

Annex 1: RFA Form

Please obtain the RFA from your local Customer Service Hub.

Once duly completed, please return this form together with supporting documents (listed in Annex 2) as instructed within the RFA.

Annex 2: Supporting documents for RFA form

Copy of original invoice by Elsevier (or list showing Invoice Number & ISBNs)