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Webinar Elsevier NOAM


Awarding excellence through the power of Pure


Speakers | Semira Dautovic | James Toon

In today's hyper-competitive research landscape, securing funding has become increasingly challenging. Researchers spend significant time navigating complex grant applications, with limited global funding opportunities available. The struggle to efficiently manage award processes can hinder the pace of groundbreaking discoveries in a world where research excellence is not just a pursuit, but a necessity. 

Our webinar aims to illuminate the profound impact of Elsevier's Pure in revolutionizing the grant application journey. Through real-world scenarios and insights from Macquarie Universityopens in new tab/window, we'll showcase how Pure optimizes award management. Our expert product manager, James Poon, will provide a detailed exploration of Pure's innovative features and capabilities, positioning it as the unparalleled solution in award management. It's time to transcend limitations and embrace a future where researchers can focus on advancing knowledge and driving impactful discoveries. 

Session 1: From opportunity to award – How Pure supports institutional grant management - James Toon, Elsevier

Using Pure to improve efficiencies in the Grants Management process.  

Discover how the Pure Award Management module provides value to our customers by streamlining processes and enhancing efficiencies across the entire research lifecycle.  We will explore the core features of the module and how it has evolved in the past 2 years.  The session will provide an overview and examples of its use as well as some insight into our plans for the system.  

Session 2: A roadmap for excellence in award management - Semira Dautovic, Macquarie University

Join us to gain insights from Macquarie University on how they utilize the Award Management Module to improve application success rates, streamline the funding cycle, and establish a cohesive business process for awards management. Their implementation has led to a significantly more efficient process.


Webinar Introduction (5 mins)

From opportunity to award – How Pure supports institutional grant management (20 mins) 

A roadmap for excellence in award management (20 mins)

Session Recap and Q&A (15 mins)

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Semira Dautovic


Semira Dautovic

Director, Research Performance and Development at Macquarie University

Macquarie University

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James Toon


James Toon

Solution Lead and Senior Product Manager


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