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Sridevi Kasu


Sridevi Kasu

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd.

Sridevi is the Head of Intellectual Property Management (IPM) in Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. She has overall 26 years of experience in Medicinal Chemistry and IPM in Dr.Reddy’s, Aurigene with Masters in Organic Chemistry, Bachelor of Law and Diploma in Patents Law. 

She worked in Dr. Reddy’s Discovery research as a medicinal chemist and scientist within a drug discovery team to identify new chemical entities and novel therapeutics. She currently Leads IPM team at Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd, responsible for overall IPM function at the organization level and supports client IP management, Non GLP-Lab notebook management and LIS management for Discovery/CRO/CDMO/NBE services. Her major contributions are in Innovation management with IP concepts like IP - generation, protection, prosecution, and licensing.

Her areas of expertise are: 1. IP searches and IP evaluation (Markush/Prior art/ Novelty/Patentability/ FTO/Infringement); patent applications drafting, filing, prosecution, maintenance and supporting various IP related agreements and due diligence. 2. Lab notebook(eLN and Hardbound notebooks) and LIS (Scientific databases and articles) management.