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Mia Maric


Mia Maric

University of Manchester, UK

Dr Mia Maric is a recently appointed Rolls Royce Research Fellow in Nuclear Fuel Cladding focusing on developing novel characterisation and analytical tools to understand the corrosion and irradiation performance of zirconium claddings. Throughout her career Mia has linked advanced characterisation methods with computational analytical tools to develop more standardised methods for materials characterisation. Mia is a COI of the £9m EPSRC Programme Grant, MIDAS where she is focusing on characterising and understanding the detrimental effects of hydrides within irradiated cladding materials. Prior to this, Mia worked as a consultant at Jacobs where she specialised on the high temperature behaviour of materials. Mia completed her PhD at the University of Manchester where she won the IOM3 young person lecture award and represented the UK in the world final. Mia also represented the UK at both the global young scientist symposium as well as the European technical safety organisations network. She conducted her undergraduate degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia where she was awarded the university medal for the top performing student within materials engineering.