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Filip Du Prez


Filip Du Prez

Ghent University, Belgium

Talk: Latest progress for covalent adaptable networks: Merging academic and industrial principles

Filip Du Prez has headed the Polymer Chemistry Research group of Ghent University in Belgium since 1999 with around 25 researchers focusing on three main topics: 1) ‘Sequence defined polymers; 2) ‘Dynamic and circular thermoset materials’; 3) ‘Giving renewable polymers functionality’.

In 2021, he received a prestigious ERC advanced grant from the European commission for his research.

He has published around 340 reviewed publications, more than 10 book chapters, has 14 patent applications and more than 25 awards for his coworkers in the last 5 years.

Since 2018, he is associate editor for the RSC-journal Polymer Chemistry.

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