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 Andrew Ngo


Andrew Ngo

A*STAR, Singapore

Andrew is a Principal Scientist and Division Director of Composites and Structural Division at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering. As the Division Director, he is responsible for the development of ~80 research scientists and engineers in the areas of additive manufacturing, advanced alloy and ceramic materials, advanced composite materials and engineering, and next-generation structural inspection and evaluation. He then identifies key projects based on opportunities for innovation in the business landscape.

Andrew is a Distinguished Professor of ST Engineering and an Associate Faculty of Singapore Institute of Technology. He is also a Certified Level III Thermographer and Level I Licensed Instructor of Infrared Training Centre, which is Teledyne FLIR’s premier infrared training provider. He is currently the A*STAR Representative for Building And Construction Standards Committee in Singapore Standards Council, and the co-convenor in a Singapore Standards Council Working Group to develop guidelines on the use of infrared thermography for inspection & diagnostic for buildings in Singapore.

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