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Editorial fees policy

Editorial office costs expenses

V3 Dec 2023

General guidelines

  • Permitted expenses are those expenses incurred specifically for Elsevier journal editorial work.

Journal editorial office costs can include but are not restricted to:

  • Office supplies - stationery required for Elsevier journal editorial reasons.

  • Postage / courier - courier, postage, or express mail charges for business packages.

  • Copies / printing - where there are no local facilities for printing, this may be reimbursed, if for business reasons.

  • Calls on personal cellular phones - these can only be claimed with an itemized bill and an explanation of the editorial purpose must be attached.

  • Hardware and software – only pre-approved (by Publisher) hardware and software will be reimbursed, provided this is primarily used for Elsevier’s editorial work. No unreasonable upgrade should take place within three years, as a standard vendor guarantee is supposed to cover any defects within that period. Replacement in other exceptional cases is subject to the prior approval of the Publisher.

  • Telephony - for business calls on a business or personal phone line there must be an itemized bill for this to be reimbursable. No monthly standing charges can be claimed e.g., Wi-Fi.

Please consult directly with your Elsevier Publisher if you have any related questions.