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Be patient-focused and save money

7 March 2024

By Pamela Poku, RN, BSc, MSc

Female doctor talking to family

With the NHS under so much pressure from rising waiting lists for treatment and persistent workforce shortages, the private sector has a vital role to play in providing patient care and has made agreements to help manage this backlog.

Delivering standardised, high quality care is more important than ever but efficiencies must also be improved. A solution now being increasingly adopted across health systems globally is value-based healthcare (VBHC), as Pamela Poku registered nurse, healthcare value specialist and member of the Clinical Best Practice Council at Elsevier, outlines. It appears that healthcare practitioners are optimistic about VBHC, Elsevier Health’s Clinician of the Future 2023 Report reveals, and realise its potential in reducing the burden on secondary care and improving the patient experience while also saving costs.

And yet, Poku maintains, there are a number of implementation barriers for private practices.

The key to overcoming these lies with clinical-decision support solutions. These invaluable tools can empower clinicians with trusted evidence-based information for well-informed clinical decisions to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction – and improve the financial sustainability of their practices.

Quality – rather than quantity – of healthcare is the only way forward.

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