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Atlas Nominations 2019

November-December 2019 Atlas nominations dedicated to SDG 10 Reduce Inequalities

Winning article

Toilets for education: Evidence from Kenya’s primary school-level data(opens in new tab/window) International Journal of Educational Development

October 2019 Atlas Nominations dedicated to SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Winning article

The relation between research priorities and societal demands: The case of rice(opens in new tab/window) Research Policy

and a Special mention to

Does University-Industry collaboration improve innovation efficiency? Evidence from Chinese Firms(opens in new tab/window) Economic Modelling

September 2019 Atlas Nominations dedicated to Decent Work and Economic Growth

Winning article

Poverty and the varieties of entrepreneurship in the pursuit of prosperity(opens in new tab/window) Journal of Business Venturing

July/August 2019 Atlas Nominations dedicated to SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

Winning article

Analysing the feasibility of powering the Americas with renewable energy and inter-regional grid interconnections by 2030(opens in new tab/window) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

June 2019 Atlas Nominations dedicated to SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation

Winning article

The impact of on-site hospital wastewater treatment on the downstream communal wastewater system in terms of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes(opens in new tab/window) Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health

May 2019 Atlas Nominations dedicated to SDG 5 - Gender Equality

Winning articles

Measuring psychological abuse by intimate partners: Constructing a cross-cultural indicator for the Sustainable Development Goals(opens in new tab/window) SSM – Population Health

Mindfulness-based interventions for women victims of interpersonal violence: A systematic review(opens in new tab/window) Archives of Psychiatric Nursing

April 2019 Atlas Nominations

Winning article

Digital transformation to support literacy teaching to deaf Children: From storytelling to digital interactive storytelling(opens in new tab/window) Telematics and Informatics

March 2019 Atlas Nominations

Winning article

Challenges for the degrowth transition: The debate about wellbeing(opens in new tab/window) Futures

February 2019 Atlas Nominations dedicated to Zero Hunger

Winning article

Local fertilizers to achieve food self-sufficiency in Africa(opens in new tab/window) Science of The Total Environment

January 2019 Atlas nominations, dedicated to No Poverty

Winning article

Does the provision of community health services offset the effects of poverty and low maternal educational attainment on childhood mortality? An analysis of the equity effect of the Navrongo experiment in Northern Ghana(opens in new tab/window) SSM - Population Health