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Metal Oxides

Aim & scope

The Metal Oxides book series provides an interdisciplinary discussion of various oxide materials, addressing a wide range of topics, from material synthesis and deposition to characterization, processing, and device fabrication and applications, with a strong focus on their electronic properties – from insulating to semiconducting and superconducting. This book series is prepared by a team of highly qualified experts and led by Series Editor Ghenadii Korotcenkov.

Sample cover of Metal Oxides


The intended audience of this book series includes scientists and researchers in the field of materials related to metal oxides, that is, scientists and researchers whose activities are related to electronics, optoelectronics, energy, catalysis, sensors, electrical engineering, ceramics, biomedical designs, and related areas.

If you are interested in editing or authoring a volume in this series, please reach out to the Series Editor Dr. Ghenadii Korotcenkov at [email protected](opens in new tab/window) or Stephen Jones, Senior Acquisitions Editor at [email protected](opens in new tab/window) with a description of your idea.


Image of Dr. Ghenadii Korotcenkov


Ghenadii Korotcenkov

Moldova State University

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