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Elsevier Series in Mechanics of Advanced Materials

Aim & scope

The Mechanics of Advanced Materials book series focuses on materials- and mechanics-related issues around the behavior of advanced materials, including the mechanical characterization, mathematical modelling, and numerical simulations of material response to mechanical loads, various environmental factors (temperature changes, electromagnetic fields, etc.) as well as novel applications of advanced materials and structures.

Sample cover of Mechanics of Advanced Materials

Volumes in the series cover advanced materials topics and numerical analysis of their behaviour, bringing together knowledge of material behaviour and the tools of mechanics that can be used to better understand and predict materials behaviour. It presents new trends in experimental, theoretical, and numerical results concerning advanced materials, and provides regular reviews to aid readers in identifying the main trends in research in order to facilitate the adoption of these new and advanced materials in a broad range of applications. Vadim Silberschmidt (Loughborough University, UK) serves as Series Editor-in-Chief, with Thomas Böhlke (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), David McDowell (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), and Chen Zhong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) serving as Series Editors. If you would like to be involved in The Mechanics of Advanced Materials series, please contact Dennis McGonagle, Senior Acquisitions Editor ([email protected]opens in new tab/window).


  • Academic researchers in mechanics of advanced materials (postgraduate and beyond)

  • R&D engineers in industry, dealing with application of new materials in design or aiming to expand usability of traditional materials in new application or harsh environments

  • Medical doctors and dentists using materials in their practice or facing challenges to predict responses of tissues and organs to loading and environmental factors and medical procedures

Series Editors


Vadim Silberschmidt

Chair of Mechanics of Materials

Loughborough University, UK

Read more about Vadim Silberschmidt


Thomas Böhlke

Professor and Chair of Continuum Mechanics

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

Read more about Thomas Böhlke


David McDowell


Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Read more about David McDowell


Chen Zhong

Professor and Group Leader

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Read more about Chen Zhong