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Expertise in Pharmaceutical Process Technology

Aim & scope

The series volumes are comprised of collections of hands-on practical guides for practitioners with numerous case studies and step-by-step instructions for proper procedures and problem solving. Each topic starts with a brief overview of the subject matter, exposé and practical solutions of the most common problems with some case studies, and a lot of common sense (proven scientific rather than empirical practices). The series editor recommends avoiding theoretical aspects of the subject matter and limiting scientific/mathematical exposé (e.g., modeling, finite elements computations, academic studies, review of publications, theoretical aspects of process physics or chemistry) unless vital for understanding or justification of practical approaches as advocated by the volume author. At best, volumes in the series combines both the practical (“how to”) and scientific (“why”) approach (based on practically proven solid theory/model/measurements).

Sample cover of How to design and implement poweder to tablet continous manufacturing systems

Books in the series should meet the following criteria: Can a practitioner use the recommended step-by-step approach to improve the results of her daily activities?


The primary audience is rank-and-file pharmaceutical personnel, from low level R&D and production technicians to team leaders and department heads. Some topics will also definitely be of interest to people working in nutraceutical and generic manufacturing companies. Boos in the series can also be useful for academic institutions and regulatory agencies.

It is expected that each book in the series targets a specific audience, and since the format is fairly short, the volumes should be affordable to individual purchasers.

Series Editor

Image of Michael Levin


Michael Levin, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Technology Expert

Measurement Control Corporation

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Editorial Board Member

Image of Bhavi Mittal


Bhavi Mittal

Senior Director of Formulation and Process Development

Kronos Bio

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