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Digital Oncology

Aim & scope

The purpose of proposing this book series is to create a networking platform for digital oncology research, to promote interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation and to present a comprehensive list of books that touch upon the full incorporation

This series is designed for researchers and clinicians researching, diagnosing and treating cancer.

Digital Oncology is a major new suite of books in oncology and the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the treatment of cancer, which cover both basic and clinical research. The series seeks to discuss and provide foundational content from bench to bedside in digital oncology.

The oncological care is improving with digitization, smart usage of data and working with AI. With this Digital Oncology bookseries we are committed to improve oncological practice of research, diagnosis and treatment with the use of modern technology like AI and insights from big data.

Written and edited by leading international scientists, the series is primarily intended for researchers, clinicians, and students in oncology at the graduate level and above, including those working in academic, corporate, or non-profit settings. Its ethics mission is to enable global benefit sharing of advances in the field of oncology through the publication of foundational, consensus building content.

The Digital Oncology series seeks to provide wide coverage across areas of AI in oncology. Possible subject areas covered by Series Volumes include: an introduction to digital oncology, AI patient care, oncogenomics, surgical oncology, clinical data and

Why is there a need for this series in this area?

Big data in cancer research, AI in diagnosis or planning virtual tumor boards for interdisciplinary treatment – digital innnvatoin have had a massive impact on oncology in recent years and are indispensbile in everyday medical practice. This series will provide an overview on the latest research findings and promote research on potentials and challenges of implementing digital approaches in cancer research and health care.

The series will ensure physicians to make more precise diagnoses and more personalized treatment. It enables researchers in doing better research faster.

The audience of this book series, as mentioned above, will have the chance to access various books that deal with a plethora of disciplines related to the applications of AI in oncology; many of which are not currently served by similar books in the field. In other words, content-wise, the anticipated book contents will be truly innovative and, in several cases, unique in the literature. Also, the production of these books will motivate young scientists to learn more, which might also attract the faculties of universities to consider it in university curricula

Series Editor


Dr. Pietro Presti

SPCC - Sharing Progress in Cancer Care, Switzerland

Professor Matti Aapro


Matti Aapro

Genolier Cancer Center, Genolier, Switzerland