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Elsevier supports research capacity building in developing countries as part of our commitment to universal access. Research4Life is a cornerstone of our corporate responsibility programme and a key way of achieving this. We have participated in Research4Life since  we first helped found it in 2001. Each year we have steadily increased the amount of content available to scientists, while dedicating time to help develop the programme. In our experience, Research4Life has contributed to an impressive growth in access, research output and quality as institutions develop  their scientific potential.

Through years of integrated discussions with institutions such as yours, heads of academies, librarians, scientists and development organisations, we see the benefits of Research4Life but also some limitations too. We have found that when countries have the ambition and maturity to further develop  their scientific ecosystems, they often find it more beneficial to work with us directly.

By becoming customers, institutions are able to access a much broader range of services: databases, knowledge analytic tools, journal services, customer support, information literacy and author training. We look closely at what institutions need and can afford and scale discounts accordingly, enabling  researchers to participate more fully in the global research community. Taking an integrated capacity building approach, we are able to support the development of an institution's research capacity, over and above what is available through Research4Life.

Research4Life has a new eligibility policy and has moved from a country model to one that distinguishes between types of institutions within each country. Basing eligibility on institutions enables publishers to tailor services, eliminating existing gaps for the smallest and most vulnerable institutions  and providing world-class quality research information services to institutions that have the ambition and capacity to use them. Institutions in countries that might otherwise have been excluded for commercial reasons will now be eligible for free access, while publishers will now be able to offer  low-cost, but more comprehensive services on a commercial basis to institutions that have the ambition and capacity to use them.


If you have questions about your institution's eligibility or access status, please contact our regional teams. As we transition certain institutions into direct access, we are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and will work with you on interim arrangements to avoid unnecessary  access gaps wherever possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns you may have about your institution's access and alternatives.


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