Myles Selvey

Graduate - Business Analyst

Challenge, diversity and the freedom to work on the projects that will shape my career
Myles Selvey

I joined Elsevier on the 2015 graduate scheme and so far it has been a welcoming and enriching experience. I work within the sales technology department as a business analyst and developer. This has included collecting requirements for one project and web development for another.

To be successful in Elsevier, especially on the graduate scheme, you have to be willing to ask questions and put yourself forward for responsibility. Stepping forward for cross-team projects or setting up a programme for the team is a good way of getting your name out there.

I enjoy the challenge and diversity of my role here at Elsevier. I have the freedom to work on the projects that attract me in either a developer or business analyst role. Potentially this will lead to a variety of career choices once I determine the path I want to follow.

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