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Batteries and energy storage in 2024

Exploring the frontiers of energy: Diving into fast growing research themes moving the world towards a just energy transition

Batteries and energy storage is a fast growing area in energy research, a trajectory that is expected to continue. Global energy storage requirements will reach 10,000 gigawatt-hours by 2040—50 times the size of the current market, according to a joint study conducted by the European Patent Office and the International Energy Agency.

This field is highly interdisciplinary, comprising research in energy, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, engineering, physics and materials science.

Reflecting the growth and breadth in this field, we invite you to explore a virtual special issue of articles organised by high-growth research themes. This collection aims to show you articles in your field that you may be interested to read, and to help you discover topics covered by these journals that may be of interest for your next submission.


Electrochemistry Communications

Energy Reports

Energy Storage Materials

Journal of Energy Storage

Journal of Power Sources


Applied Surface Science

Ceramics International

Electrochimica Acta

Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Journal of Energy Chemistry

Fuel Cells

Energy Conversion & Management

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Journal of Power Sources Advances

Thermal Energy Storage

Advances in Applied Energy

Applied Energy

Applied Thermal Engineering

Energy Conversion & Management: X