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Support the academic lifecycle and research management

Intuitive, streamlined platforms aggregate siloed information while saving time and decreasing administrative burden for librarians, faculty and research offices.

Pure: Drive key decisions from a centralized RIMS

To maintain a competitive edge in the global academic landscape, research and academic managers need accurate data and actionable insights. The world's leading research information and management system, Pure, enables you to optimize your research impact by bringing information from all your data sources onto one secure, intelligent and easy-to-use platform.

  • Gain complete research visibility

  • Streamline multiple research processes

  • Demonstrate global impact with qualitative and quantitative indicators

  • Demonstrate global impact, such as societal impact, with qualitative and quantitative indicators.

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Pure: Drive key decisions from a centralized RIMS

Interfolio: Illuminate the impact of your academic staff and institution

Interfolio’s Faculty Information System (FIS) offers universities a unified platform for managing all career milestones of Academic staff—from faculty hiring and recruitment, academic appointments and timelines, activity data reporting, and reviews and promotions.

  • Manage timely academic recruitment

  • Support academic review and promotion

  • Visualize, track, and improve visibility of your faculty roster and faculty career journeys

  • Create a centralized source of truth for academic staff activities, including teaching, service, and research

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Digital Commons: Securely and openly share your research

It's an increasingly common condition of funding that the data associated with your work should be made available, accessible, discoverable and usable. Digital Commons helps you comply with these requirements by providing open access for your institution's research and scholarly work.

  • Enable your researchers to store and share FAIR data

  • Enable data collaboration at scale

  • Put your library team in the driving seat of data curation

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Data Monitor: Easily track and analyze your research data

Data Monitor puts your institution's librarians and research offices in the driver's seat of their research data management journey, giving you visibility on your institution's entire research data output so you can automatically keep track of research data and monitor compliance.

  • Automatically keep track of your institutional research data

  • Monitor compliance with national and funder policies, and inform future institutional policies

  • Keep track of global research data output and trends across repositories, institutions and disciplines

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Data Monitor: Easily track and analyze your research data

Funding Institutional: Gain insights to increase grant success rates

The world of funding is changing constantly. Gain deep insight into the funding landscape — including new opportunities and policies, shifting funding requirements and rising competition — using use cases and features in Funding Institutional.

  • Increase grant success rates with insightful analysis

  • Save time and resources with streamlined workflows

  • Support strategic decision-making with combined data

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Funding Institutional: Gain insights to increase grant success rates

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Research Data Management

Resources and solutions to provide individual and institutional support for the research community so that they can navigate the research data ecosystem and achieve their RDM goals.

Why you need a Research Information Management System (RIMS)

Unlock organized insights to drive your research strategy

Whitepaper: Are you tracking your institutional research effectively?

Find out how other institutions utilize technology to nurture a culture of data sharing, in our latest whitepaper.

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Academic and research leaders

Discover information that supports strategic decision making so that your research can flourish, advance society and drive economic growth.


We help funders develop strategies for improving inefficient funding mechanisms, supporting key use cases across the funding workflow.


Expert guidance and resources to help you advance your research and discovery.


Tools and resources to enhance your skills, provide library services and advocate within your institution.

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