Digital Commons

Fully hosted platform with Institutional Repository (IR) functionality, commercial-grade open access publishing and seamlessly integrated faculty profiles

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Magnify the visibility and value of your institution’s scholarship

Digital Commons™ helps librarians and research leaders partner with colleagues across campus to shine a bright light on their institution’s research output. Taking IR functionality to new levels, Digital Commons is the only global solution that also offers comprehensive publishing capability and a fully integrated showcase platform to promote the people, achievements and expertise that make your institution unique.

Maximise visibility and impact by showcasing everything that your institution produces

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Serve institutional stakeholders’ diverse needs, simply and seamlessly

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Why choose Digital Commons

Why choose Digital Commons

Discover why Digital Commons is uniquely positioned to increase the visibility and impact of your institution's research output.

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How Digital Commons works

How Digital Commons works

Effortlessly manage, showcase and track the impact of your institution's unique mix of research output and expertise on a fully hosted platform that is branded and SEO-optimised to enhance institutional recognition and elevate faculty exposure.

Discover how Digital Commons works