A clearer path to oncology decision making

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ClinicalPath is a point-of-care decision support tool offering evidence-based, clinical pathways for individual patient scenarios.

With the oncology treatment arena becoming increasingly complex, ClinicalPath works to synthesize the most current medical evidence and expert knowledge, delivering treatment paradigms that aim to embody the best standard of care.

What's in ClinicalPath?

ClinicalPath pathways

Expert defined evidence-based care maps covering medical and radiation oncology

Software portal

Reference solution delivering clinical pathways in a patient specific, point-of-care decision support tool

Disease Coverage

ClinicalPath covers over 95% of cancers:

  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology

With content updated four times a year.

ClinicalPath content

Pathways are collaboratively developed by the physicians from within the ClinicalPath network and led by academic and community-based co-chairs. These disease committees meet regularly to review and update the Pathways for newly published data.

Elsevier ClinicalPath exceeds 80% on-pathway decision rate across diseases

Delivering a single recommendation based on a patient’s staging and disease characteristic

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Why ClinicalPath?

Use ClinicalPath to confirm treatment plan decisions for common cases or support treatment selection for lesser seen presentations

Reduces variability and ensure consistency of evidence-based care amongst physicians

Permits individualised, patient-centric care, by allowing choices within the pathway based on toxicity profiles and patient preferences.

Supports precision medicine by encouraging oncologists to order appropriate bio markers and genetic screening panels.

Ensures an adequately trained, inter-professional cancer care team, practicing at the top of their license.

Results in significant time savings, researching more complex patient cases and reduces pressure to stay current