Ensure your teams have access to the latest clinical knowledge

As healthcare complexity continues to grow, your clinicians face increasingly challenging medical questions – many of which go unanswered. So when patients present with complicated or unclear symptoms, clinicians need you to curate timely, evidence-based, specialised clinical information they can count on to make accurate diagnoses and put together effective treatment plans.

How does ClinicalKey make a difference for you and your clinicians?

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Improve care with trusted, in-depth answers and the most current evidence

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Combine efficiency and authority in their practice, save time and reduce referrals

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Standardising care to deliver high-quality to all patients and improve patient experience and flow

Build a culture of education for all your clinicians, facilitating easy access, at home and in the hospital

Resources just for you

ClinicalKey Webinar Series 2019 and Usage Reports

Having listened to many requests for materials to help you better inform your user base about the benefits of ClinicalKey, we are running a Webinar Series throughout 2019 to share latest features and best practice advice. You can access recordings and sign up for future webinars.

You can also track and report your clinicians' use of ClinicalKey with monthly Usage Reports, showing you which content and resources are being accessed the most.

ClinicalKey Webinar Series

The ClinicalKey Webinar Series is a great opportunity to hear from your Account Development Managers on the latest features added, best practice techniques and how to promote ClinicalKey within your hospital to your end users; ensuring the best possible care decisions at all times.

Watch recording here

Usage reports

ClinicalKey’s COUNTER compliant usage reports make it easy for you to track and report on the volume and breadth of content searched, browsed, downloaded, printed, saved or shared by patrons over time. View monthly reports based on content type to pinpoint the resources your clinical staff members value most.

Contact Marenne De Ruuk or Lais Junqueira

Key insights from...

Real ClinicalKey users from surgeons to nurses

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Content updates

Marc 21 Records

ClinicalKey offers FREE official MARC 21 records for the books, journals and clinics included in your subscription. Ordering the ClinicalKey MARC 21 records is easy.

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Master content list.

Use these resources to help better integrate ClinicalKey into your institution’s workflow. For a full list of content in ClinicalKey, download the appropriate Master Content List.


Book additions 2019.

To download the full list of book titles expected in 2018, click on the link below. If you have specific questions about content additions please contact us.


Resource downloads

Help your clinicians master the full capabilities and benefits of ClinicalKey with the resources below. New content will be added over the coming months so remember to check back soon. If you would like a reminder when new content has been added, please contact Chris Bell

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Print resources

ClinicalKey brochure


ClinicalKey Executive


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Quick reference cards

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Mobile App

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Usage resources

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How can we help?

If you would like to speak to your Account Development Manager about how your institution is using ClinicalKey or could benefit from wider integration with our clinical suite, request a call-back.