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Your reward is making lots of little differences – and sometimes very big ones – in improving the lives of patients. Ours is helping you make them. When you’re under the constant pressures of increased workloads and increasing patient expectations it can prompt more questions than ever before.

Why does ClinicalKey make a real difference?

Real scenario

A 40-year old man was on a camping trip in a rural area and during one of the excursions to the mountains, he accidentally trips on a fallen branch and scrapes his left shin with the sharp rocks on the ground. After 4-5 days, he observes that the previously reddish and warm lesion has become purple-reddish, warm to the touch, non-elevated, and poorly demarcated margins. The wound itself seems dry and with no signs of infection, like pus or redness, but it is the surrounding skin, almost reaching the ankle, that worries him.

He decides to call his doctor friend.

Real evidence

After asking a few routine questions (presence of fever, chills, malaise, pus), his doctor friend asks him to take a few pictures and send them to her mobile phone to grade the severity of the lesion. With them at hand, she logs into ClinicalKey app and types “skin purple induration warm”.

Real difference

You discuss your findings and plan with the chief resident and you’re confident of the knowledge acquired and the process you’ve followed to acquire that knowledge. Importantly, you may have spared the patient from an unnecessary surgical procedure.

How does ClinicalKey make finding answers easier

When you need an immediate answer, ClinicalKey offers more than 1,400 Topic Pages covering disease risk factors, clinical manifestations, treatments and more, as well as links to specialty-specific answers, related drugs and Clinical Overviews. But with the added benefit of being able to narrow down your search with filtering and scaling to get to the answers you need fast.

Filter it.
ClinicalKey can narrow results by source type, study type, specialty and date. Results update automatically.

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Scale it.
Search wide. Search narrow. It’s up to you. ClinicalKey can search across all content or within a specific chapter, book, journal or content type.

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On the go.
Use ClinicalKey on your phone or tablet when you’re travelling to work or between treating patients. It has the same functionality as the desktop version.

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