ClinicalKey Webinar Series

How can you improve clinical practice through informed, confident decisions?

Because the latest evidence could save her life.

The ClinicalKey Webinar Series is a great opportunity to hear from your Account Development Managers on the latest features added, best practice techniques and how to promote ClinicalKey within your hospital to your end users; ensuring exceptional care decisions.

With our new ClinicalKey webinar series, learn how you can enable clinicians to…?

Enhance care with trusted resources

With ClinicalKey, your clinicians are always connected to trusted, in-depth answers and the most current evidence, regardless of the topic or specialty. And because this information is delivered via a single-source user experience, they can access it whenever and wherever they need it—whether it be on a mobile device at the bedside, in their office, through the electronic health record, or another location suited for more in-depth study.

Combine efficiency and authority in their practice

With ClinicalKey, clinicians always have fast answers they can trust from a broad range of synoptic and in-depth clinical content—and confidence that it incorporates the latest findings and best practices, thanks to continuous content updates. When all of their decisions and treatment plans are based on the newest evidence, they’re able to save time and help reduce unnecessary referrals, tests, and treatments.

Become experts in their field

With ClinicalKey, clinicians can build foundational knowledge on any topic through a world-class collection of reference books, and augment that with the most current research and findings found in Elsevier journals—while still accessing synoptic content when they need those quick answers. As a result, they’re able to evolve their medical practice in real time—making the exceptional care decisions today, while more confidently and creatively treating patients as their cases continue to evolve into the future.


The ClinicalKey Webinar Series will run quarterly for Clinicians and bi-monthly for Health Librarians. Register your interest in your desired webinar.

Health Librarian

Policy Management: Best Practice

Junior Doctors

Enhancing knowledge in your early years with ClinicalKey

Watch our Webinars

COVID-19 Open Webinar Series - ClinicalKey

Watch 30 mins webinar of showing how ClinicalKey enables clinicians to stay on the cutting edge of medicine with in-depth access to evidence-based content. Learn how to access trusted COVID-19 information about disease epidemiology, risk factors, clinical manifestations and treatment.

Junior Doctor Webinar

As a junior doctor, find out how you can enhance your knowledge in your early years with ClinicalKey in this 30 minute webinar, hosted by Marenne de Ruuk and Dr Alasdair Anderson.

Webinar Snippets

Inside Sales Account Manager for Elsevier, Marenne de Ruuk, shares her top tips and favourite features of ClinicalKey.

Dr Alasdair Anderson demonstrates how he uses ClinicalKey as a junior doctor to assist in clinical decision making.

Marenne de Ruuk, Inside Sales Account Manager for Elsevier, introduces ClinicalKey and how it can assist in clinical decision making.

Policy Management Webinar

Find out how ClinicalKey can empower users to support their healthcare organisation's challenges and assist in policy management, hosted by Lais Junqueira.