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Study Success at Med School

Getting to grips with studying at med school or got exams coming up? We've put together and recommended some amazing resources to give you great strategies for learning medicine and exam success.

We can help! Get your free digital copy of the 'Study Success, a guide for med students' written by Dr Phil Xiu.

Study Success, a guide for med students

Here are some of the tips and learning strategies that you will find:

  • Spaced practice

  • Interleaving

  • Retrieval practice

  • Best time to learn

  • How to plan your study routine

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Robyn Taylor

(IG: @robynthemedstudent)

Ingy Al Azem

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Imogen Arden - Jones

(IG: @imydoesmed)

Essential Books for study and exam success

A winning formula for more than 20 years, the Crash Course exam study series – is an everyday study companion to help power you through the stress of exams. Essential information in one place to achieve exam success.

The Unofficial Guide To Medicine

Elsevier is very excited to be publishing new editions of the award-winning Unofficial Guide to Medicine series(opens in new tab/window). Written by junior doctors and students, with recent experience of the curriculum and exams, they know what you need to know! Relevant and easy to understand the unique Unofficial Guides have supported and guided thousands of students in passing their exams and achieving success. Watch this space (opens in new tab/window)as more publish through the year.


Flashcards are your best study companions! They make learning, reviewing and self-testing much easier. Portable and compact flashcards can help you to learn faster when revising for exams!

This way for more essentials for exam success


Get ready for the UKMLA Exam to avoid stress and hustle with our free guide, tips and products!

Learning solutions

Complete Anatomy

The world’s most accurate, most advanced and best-selling 3D anatomy platform, with ground-breaking new technology, models and content. Not just an atlas, but an anatomy learning platform, with unique collaboration and learning tools designed for remote learning!

Subscribe to Complete Anatomy(opens in new tab/window), the worlds most advanced 3D Anatomy platform today with up to 50% off your first year!

ClinicalKey Student

ClinicalKey Student gives you access to leading medical content, video resources and powerful study tools to help you study smarter. Furthermore, the possibility to create your own flashcards and share notes with friends along with assessment questions make ClinicalKey Student invaluable.

Ask your librarian if your university has access.


Osmosis is a visual learning platform which utilises evidence-based learning science to create distinct microcontent, turning complex medical concepts into easy-to-follow learning modules. With Osmosis you can get through more material faster, truly understand complex topics, avoid information overload, reduce exam stress and maximize your learning potential!


Dr Philip Xiu’s Strategies for Success at Med School

Study - Conquer Procrastination, Manage Stress, and Find Flow.(opens in new tab/window)

Join Dr Philip Xiu as he talks about and answers questions on how to be effective and successful when studying medicine. Covering how to free yourself from a negative mindset, competence - confidence, multi-tasking and focus, skills improvement, and managing stress.

Dr Philip Xiu’s Strategies for Success at Med School

Exams – from strategy to tackling anxiety.(opens in new tab/window)

Join Dr Philip Xiu as he talks about and answers questions on how to be effective when studying for exams. Talking you from planning though strategies and how to tackle exam anxiety.

Revision for medical students

Core topics for clinical practice.(opens in new tab/window)

At medical school there is a breadth of theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to prepare you for being a safe and effective doctor. This session will consider core areas which will help you study at medical school, and which are really clinically relevant for practice as a junior doctor.

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