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Zongbi Bao


Zongbi Bao

Zhejiang University, China

Dr. Zongbi Bao, a distinguished professor at Zhejiang University, is renowned for his extensive research in the field of advanced materials and separation processes. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of interests: 1) The synthesis and practical applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), carbon-based materials, and chiral stationary phases, primarily for their adsorptive properties and chromatographic uses; 2) The development of adsorption processes tailored for gas separation and purification, addressing both industrial needs and environmental concerns; 3) The advancement of green separation technologies utilizing ionic liquids or supercritical fluids; 4) The extraction and purification of bioactive compounds from biomass, an essential area of research for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. His scholarly contributions have been widely recognized, with an impressive portfolio of over 140 peer-reviewed journal articles in prestigious publications, including Science and JACS.