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Sonia Calligaris


Sonia Calligaris

University of Udine, Italy

Sonia Calligaris is associate professor in Food Science and Technology at the University of Udine (Italy), where she obtained also her Ph.D in 2003. Her research activity is mainly focused on food structure design to improve food functionalities.The main research topics are in the fields of the development of strategies for oleogelation; design of emulsion-based delivery systems for bioactive compounds and probiotic bacteria; application of novel food processes to steer food functionalities.

She is co-author of over 120 scientific papers published in international journals of Food Science and Technology and more than 10 chapters in scientific books dealing with the Food Science. She has lectured at a number of national and international symposia, conferences, workshops. Since 2018 she is Editor in Chief of the Food Structure Journal (Elsevier).