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Conference speaker

Kuan Eng Johnson Goh


Kuan Eng Johnson Goh


A*STAR Research, Singapore

Talk: Materials challenge for 2D semiconductor qubits

K. E. Johnson Goh is Director of the Quantum and Advanced Technologies Division, and Principal Scientist at IMRE A*STAR (Singapore). Trained as a Physicist (VUW, New Zealand), Engineer (Sheffield, UK) and Educator (NIE/NTU, Singapore), he went on to obtain his PhD in 2007 from the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology at the University of New South Wales (Sydney). He joined A*STAR in 2006 and contributed to materials science and engineering research ranging from atomic-scale 3D printing with silicon atoms, to highly conductive 3D printable thermoplastics, to 2D semiconductors and to quantum devices. His current endeavour is to meld his multidisciplinary research expertise in quantum information technologies, nanoelectronics, machine learning and additive manufacturing towards disruptive quantum technologies.