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Kamran Nikbin


Kamran Nikbin

Imperial College London, UK

Since 1979 Professor Nikbin worked at Imperial College, London and since 2006 held a Structural Integrity’ Chair. After retirement he has a number links with universities and industries internationally working to develop fracture based modelling in both metals and composites.

He has over 400 published papers in the fracture field covering experimental, numerical simulation and industrial code development. His aim has been to expand research in Structural Integrity to achieve an overall goal of producing predictive techniques for damage and fracture due to fatigue, creep and environment corrosion/oxidation by employing numerical methods using continuum damage mechanics, micro to meso-scale modelling techniques. He has found that the validation of the predictions using appropriate and novel experimental methods is the best approach to improve industrial structural integrity. He has been involved with industrial and research establishments worldwide working on metals, ceramics and composites using multi-disciplinary approach to deal with different aspects of fracture ranging from cryogenic to very high temperatures. His main impetus is to develop a robust physics based virtual testing approach in fracture mechanics to optimize high experimental costs and apply it to novel Structural Integrity expert systems.