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Claude-Gilles Dussap


Claude-Gilles Dussap

University Clermont Auvergne, France

Prof Claude-Gilles Dussap is presently head of the team “Chemical Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics and Biosystems” at Institut Pascal (University Clermont Auvergne - CNRS).

He has been much involved in the analysis of the relationships, which exist between the physiological responses of microorganisms and bioreactors environment. His domain of expertise covers all the chemical engineering aspects of the bioreactors design, metabolism characterization and metabolic fluxes determination, applied thermodynamics, physicochemical properties of food products and biological solutions, modeling, scale-up and control in relation with the food quality and nutritional properties. His interests have been extended to bioenergy production processes and assessment of environmental impact of biotechnology processes regarding 2G and 3G biofuels. The results of these research works have been published in more than 150 papers. He has supervised more than 30 PhD students and 70 MSc lab works.