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Christopher Gregson


Christopher Gregson

Paragon Pure and Greenstalk, USA

Chris is co-founder and CEO of Paragon Pure, a company creating wholesome, high performance delivery technologies for natural flavors, colors and nutrients. He also operates Greenstalk, a consultancy helping companies commercialize plant-based foods and cultivated meats using food materials science and ingredients technology.

From 2011 to 2018 Chris worked at Ingredion, first leading the materials science function to develop novel texturizing food ingredients, and then as global director of R&D for the sweeteners division focused on solutions for sugar & calorie reduction including natural high potency sweeteners. Between 2002 and 2011 he led research at Firmenich on delivery technologies for flavor and sweetness modulators. As a post-doc research fellow at Rutgers University, he contributed to a NASA funded research program on food technologies for long-term space missions. He gained a PhD in Food Science from The University of Nottingham during which he developed a novel rheometer for food manufacturers. He also holds qualifications in culinary arts and has cooked professionally in Canada and the UK.

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