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Studying at home

In response to the current climate, we are facing the reality that much of the world are adapting to working and studying remotely. Thankfully, in 2020, being remote is nothing new! Here are a few of our tips to make the most of studying at home.

Turn reading into understanding

First things first…if you haven't already, let’s build your new digital bookshelf.

The ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf holds all the books you need and gives you the ability to highlight text, make notes and create flashcards. To get started, simply search for the book you want, click on a chapter and hit ‘Launch Bookshelf’ and hey presto, you’re a master builder!

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Download the desktop app to read your books offline! is open as usual

We want you to know we're working hard to continue delivering the books you need to support your education.

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Turn notes into knowledge

The best thing about studying from home? Making your workspace yours - no boring lecture rooms!

Customise your bookshelf with different highlighter colours and labels. You can also follow your friends and classmates…forget Instagram this is the only follow count that matters!

It's simple to start building your following! Head to the sharing option under tools, copy the link under the My Followers tab and share!

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Make sure your highlighters are made public so you can share notes with followers.

Stay connected

The ClinicalKey Student bookshelf mobile app gives you access your books, create notes and highlights and share them instantly with your followers, all offline, whenever and wherever you need!

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If the books in your ClinicalKey Student bookshelf mobile app have a grey tick on the cover, they can be accessed online. If not, simply tap the books cover to download it.

Ready, test, go!

Test your own learning using the ClinicalKey Assessment Capabillities. Head to the Assignments tab and click create a test. Select a topic area to quiz yourself on, filter down and select the range of questions and get started!

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If you hit the 'not sure' option when answering a question, you'll be able to retake it later.

Free resources

Give your brain a daily workout

Change up your study methods with our colouring ins! Picasso who?

Interactive Clinical Case

Have you mastered all the online escape rooms and all the puzzles in your cupboard? Give our new self-directed clinical case a try! Grab your friends together or give it a go on your own! It’s suitable for all clinical year students.

Let's do it!

  • View Clinical Case: You are on placement at a GP surgery and have been asked to see the next patient. Mrs Davis has arrived and needs your help! Can you help her?

Get better at feeling better

Are we the only ones who are over singing Happy Birthday when we wash our hands? We’ve put together a playlist of songs with 20-second choruses to wash your hands to. Check it out!

Read about how Aaron, one of our ClinicalKey Global Challenge 2019 finalists, has adapted to studying remotely

It has definitely been disorienting to have my schedule turned upside down, but we did what we do best as medical students - adapt! And as the weeks went by, we eventually fell into a rhythm of life which became our new 'normal'.

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Tomorrow’s doctors fighting today’s pandemic!

See how hundreds of medical students, including our very own ClinicalKey Global Challenge finalists, from around the globe are educating others on the importance of the #StayHomeMovement, debunking myths and striving to be more viral than the virus.

Medical students tackle coronavirus misinformation

Stay updated

For all updates on COVID-19 head to our Coronavirus Information Center.

Novel Coronavirus Information Center

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