Latest drug information and pricing solutions

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Latest drug information and pricing solutions

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Helping pharmacists to reduce medication errors and discover low-cost, quality alternatives

Elsevier's drug clinical decision support solutions help pharmacists to provide medication alternatives and patient education solutions to reduce costs and readmissions.

Reduce medication costs

Our cost reporting and formulary management tools help you to make economical and sound decisions on medication alternatives, drug pricing with TRUE Daily Updates™ and more.


Hospital formulary management streamlines tasks associated with formulary compliance across an organisation.

Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC)

Accurately tracks true acquisition cost and assists with drug price transparency, price setting, cost containment and insightful analysis.

Drug pricing and analysis solutions

View the latest solutions to manage the costs of medications for your patients

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Make an impact on your patients' health today

Learn how your hospital can integrate Elsevier's world-class, evidence-based content into your patient's workflow.

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Make the best evidence-based decisions

Elsevier assists pharmacists and other clinicians to find answers to the most current, clinically relevant and accurate drug information in the market.

Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey®

Delivers the fastest, smartest, safest medication decisions.

Gold Standard Drug Database

The most current, accurate and technologically advanced drug data and drug decision support solution for integration into health systems and applications.

Drug information solutions

Receive the latest and most accurate drug data in the industry.

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Improve medication adherence through patient education

Elsevier helps empower and engage patients with the quality information they need to ensure effective medication usage.


Consumer medication information to help patients understand and comply with their drug regimens, identify unknown drugs, and check for drug interactions.


Medication videos for patients, presented by VUCA Health, assist pharmacies in delivering enhanced levels of operational efficiency, medication safety, and patient education.

Drug Patient Education Solutions

Engage, educate and empower your patients to make better medication decisions.

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