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Chang He


Chang He

Associate Professor

Sun Yat-Sen Universit

E-mail Chang He

Dr. Chang He is an Associate Professor at Sun Yat-Sen University. He is committed to Applied Basic Research in interdisciplinary fields such as chemical engineering, energy, applied mathematics, etc. In recent years, by using numerical simulation, process modelling, and machine learning, he focuses on the multi-scale design, optimization, and sustainability of the advanced energy systems, as well as the energy-saving and emission-reduction for key process units in the energy industry under uncertainty.

To date, he has directed five projects such as National Natural Science Foundation (China), Basic and Applied Basic Research Fund (Guangdong Province, China), Hundred Talents Program (Sun Yat-sen University), etc., and has participated in more than ten important projects such as National Key R&D Plan and Science and Technology Planning Project (China), etc. He has published 70+ peer-reviewed journal papers, and 3 edited books published. The recent publications include AIChE J. Chem. Eng. Sci., and Energ. & Environ. Sci., etc. Besides, he is an associate editor of Frontiers in Sustainability, a youth committee member of the Thermodynamics and Energy Utilization Branch, China, and was served as a session chairman of PRES conferences in 2017 and 2019–2022.