360° advertising solutions

Maximise your impact.

Connect with your target audience anywhere at any time via our unrivalled, worldwide healthcare professional reach. To start promoting your brand today, simply choose from our vast range of tailored, multi-channel advertising and sponsorship options across print and digital platforms and select the geography of your target audience.

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Print solutions

We publish 500+ leading medical journals, from key titles to niche publications, targeting more than 80 different healthcare specialities. This means that opting for one of our high-impact print solutions places your brand at the centre of cutting-edge science. From stand-out cover tips and cover wraps, to custom print inserts and editorial supplements, we offer a range of eye-catching advertising spaces alongside our trusted, peer-reviewed content.

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Cover wraps

Be the first message our readers see with this attention-grabbing advertising option.

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Cover tips or bellybands

Deliver a communication that cannot be missed with this powerful and cost-effective solution.

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Capture the attention of our audience before they have even opened their journal by booking an outsert space for your promotional brochure, conference collateral or other key branded materials.

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Run of book ads

Showcase your brand through adverts in our esteemed print publications and align your product with our expert-generated content.

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Product bulletins

Directly target professionals in the field of your choice and give your new product the attention it deserves, with a comprehensive product breakdown crafted by our Editorial Board using your product’s prescribing information and clinical data.

Digital solutions

Put the spotlight on your brand by advertising on one of our 500+ journal websites, which are visited by more than three million people in the scientific community each month. With the option to advertise online, in our digital magazines, on one of our 120+ apps or via one of the 12 million+ targeted email alerts that we send annually – our choice of channels and platforms offers huge potential reach. All you have to do is select your preferred scientific or medical topic, journal and geographical area, and we can help you create a bespoke and impactful advertising campaign.

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Banner ads

Bring your product to life and create instant brand awareness with a banner ad placement. Make your banner interactive to direct people to where you want them to go – whether you are promoting a new piece of content, a video, event or website. We offer banner ads on a number of platforms regularly used by healthcare professionals and researchers including:

  • Specific journal websites – create a connection with our online readers
  • HealthAdvance.com – advertise on a platform where all of our peer-reviewed journals are listed to target a large audience of people.
  • ScienceDirect – reach over 30 million people on our ScienceDirect platform.
  • PracticeUpdate.com – target the physician you want on this comprehensive medical information platform via ads customised by speciality.

Mobile app ads

Our most popular journals are now available as apps to help busy healthcare professionals access important information, whenever and wherever they need it. Advertise and capture your target audience even when they are on-the-go.

Email programs

Benefit from high interaction and competitive open rates with a custom email sent to our proprietary email lists, or choose to be featured in our email previews of what is coming up in the next journal issue via our eTOCs.

Journal-branded webinars

Align your brand with our popular webinar sessions. From round-table discussions to FAQ videos, this engaging format is one of the best ways to ensure your message is seen by your targeted healthcare professional audience.

Topic collection

This unique sponsorship opportunity helps you to connect contextually with your audience via online banners and targeted email campaigns regarding a specific healthcare topic highlighted in an unbiased and engaging online journal environment.

Search advertising

Tap into people’s interests and behaviours on our ScienceDirect platform.


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