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Empower researcher career-building and network development

Whether you are focused on mentorship, career-building, or tracking research impact, explore these curated tools and resources that help researchers succeed in career and research goals.

Scopus Author Profile overview

Researcher collaboration & networking

Find the most impactful authors in the fields that interest you, so you can effortlessly search for potential mentors or collaborators.

Webinar: Build your network, advance your career with Scopus

Discover the tools in Scopus that help you showcase a strong (and accurate) profile and expand your personal career network.

Watch this webinar and learn how to leverage Scopus to advance your career.

Research leaders collaborating

Look up author profiles on Scopus

Looking for your next collaborator or want to see how your own profile looks? Use this free author lookup tool to search for any author in Scopus and to view indicators like number of citations, publication history and h-index.

Try the free author lookup tool

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Search for relevant researchers based on your interests

Scopus Researcher Discovery allows users to conduct a keyword search to easily find relevant researcher matches and quickly build a view of the individuals contributing to a particular field.

Existing Scopus customers can try this pilot feature today.

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Researcher career-building & showcasing work

Gather insights into the reach and influence of your research, helping to build a reliable body of work to support your career goals.

Demonstrate your reputation and your research impact globally

Use your Scopus Author Profile to attract other researchers for networking and collaboration or to inform funding and promotion proposals. Make sure your profile showcases all your information and research accomplishments accurately.

Optimize your Scopus Author Profileopens in new tab/window

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Understand your article and author metrics

Metrics are not only used to evaluate the quality of a journal, but also to determine the quality of your research and the impact you are making in your field. In this series of e-learning modules, we'll take a look at some of the key players in metrics.

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Resources for librarians

Help your researchers showcase themselves and enhance the impact and reach of their work.

Scopus author profile tips from a research impact librarian

A research librarian shares visual examples of how she searches, refines, compares and understands Scopus research impact metrics.

Find out how

Editorial Illustration of researchers showcasing their research profile
UNMC case study

At the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), librarians educate students and researchers to not only optimize their own Scopus author profiles, but also leverage others to enhance their career, funding and collaboration opportunities.

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Elsevier Libguides: Scopus Author Profiles

Get more detailed answers about how Scopus Author Profiles work and how to leverage them for supporting your researcher community. You can also learn more about affiliation profiles and metrics on Scopus.

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Concept photo of connecting people with overlay of Scopus validated author profile feature

Using Scopus to guide researchers: Work with researchers to explore common questions like “Where should I publish?”, “Is my research novel?”, “How do I stand out?”

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