The Biology of the Laboratory Rabbit

  • Patrick Manning, University of Minnesota Health Sciences Center, Minnespolis, U.S.A.
    • Daniel Ringler, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.
      • Christian Newcomer, Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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      Veterinary researchers and students, Pharmaceutical Researchers, Cell Biologists, Microbiologists, Opicologists, Epidemiologists, Pathologists, Physiologists, Colony Managers, commercial producers of rabbits.


Book information

  • Published: July 1994
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-469235-0


"This is a classic work and the best text on rabbits available. All persons with an interest in biologic aspects, diseases, (especially noteworthy), and use of rabbits in research will find this work a most valuable addition to their reference shelf."

"This book is a very valuable addition to the ACLAM series, and to the available literature on rabbits. It will be an invaluable resource, and will soon be as indispensable as the rabbits themselves."
"The Second Editionis a welcome publication for veterinarians, biologists, and researchers who require information on a variety of topics to domestic lagomorphs... This book was long overdue, and it provides a valuable update on a variety of topics related to this species. The text contains a wealth of information in updated form, the figures re of good quality, and the written material has been provided by experts who are well qualified to cover their particular area."
"...this new edition continues a worthy ACLAM tradition of providing comprehensive resource information on the specialty of laboratory animal science and medicine. It should become a standard reference text for all those involved in the study, care, and use of rabbits."

Table of Contents

R.R. Fox, Taxonomy and Genetics.N.M. Patton, Colony Husbandry.L.J. Cruise and N.R. Brewer, Anatomy.N.R. Brewer and L.J. Cruise, Physiology.W.S. Bivin, Basic Biomethodology.S.K. Wixson, Anesthesia and Analgesia.R.M. McLaughlin and R.E. Fish, Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology.D. DeLong and P.J. Manning, Bacterial Diseases.R.F. DiGiacomo and C.J. Mare, Viral Diseases.S.P. Pakes and L.W. Gerrity, Protozoal Diseases.G.L. Hofing and A.L. Kraus, Arthropod and Helminth Parasites.S.H. Weisbroth, Neoplastic Diseases.J.R. Lindsey and R.R. Fox, Inherited Diseases and Variations.P.R. Cheeke, Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases.V.K. Bergdall and R.C. Dysko, Metabolic, Traumatic, Mycotic, and Miscellaneous Diseases.J.R. Broderson and F.P. Gluckstein, Zoonoses and Occupational Health Considerations.J.M. Jayo, D.C. Schwenke and T.B. Clarkson, Atherosclerosis Research.J.G.Fox, N.S. Lipman, and C.E. Newcomer, Models in Infectious Disease Research.R.L. Peiffer, Jr., L. Pohm-Thorsen, and K. Corcoran, Models in Ophthalmology and Vision Research.H.F. Stills, Jr., Polyclonal Antibody Production.J.A. Andersonand J.W. Henck, Toxicity and Safety Testing.C.S. Gillett, Selected Drug Dosages and Clinical Reference Data.Subject Index.