Global Change in Multispecies Systems: Part III book cover

Global Change in Multispecies Systems: Part III

Advances in Ecological Research is one of the most successful series in the highly competitive field of ecology. Each volume publishes topical and important reviews, interpreting ecology as widely as in the past, to include all material that contributes to our understanding of the field. Topics in this invaluable series include the physiology, populations, and communities of plants and animals, as well as landscape and ecosystem ecology.

Ecologists, environmentalists

Hardbound, 440 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-417199-2


    1. Ecosystems and their Services in a Changing World: An Ecological Perspective
      Dave Raffaelli and Piran C. L. White

    2. Mesocosm Experiments as a Tool for Ecological Climate Change Research
      Rebecca I. A. Stewart, Matteo Dossena, David A. Bohan, Erik Jeppesen, Rebecca L. Korda, Mark E. Ledger, Mariana Meerhoff, Brian Moss, Christian Mulder, Jonathan B. Shurin, Blake Suttle, Ross Thompson, Mark Trimmer and Guy Woodward

    3. Quantifying the Biodiversity Value of Repeatedly Logged Rainforests: Gradient and Comparative Approaches from Borneo
      Matthew J. Struebig, Anthony Turner, Emily Giles, Felicia Lasmana, Simon Tollington, Henry Bernard and Diana Bell

    4. Habitat Isolation Reduces the Temporal Stability of Island Ecosystems in the Face of Flood Disturbance
      Órla B. McLaughlin, Mark C. Emmerson and Eoin J. O’Gorman

    5. Increased Stream productivity with Warming Supports Higher Trophic Levels
      Elísabet Ragna Hannesdóttir, Gísli Már Gíslason, Jón S. Ólafsson, Ólafur Patrick Ólafsson and Eoin J. O'Gorman

    6. Extreme Climatic Events Alter Aquatic Food Webs: A Synthesis of Evidence from a Mesocosm Drought Experiment
      Mark E. Ledger, Lee E. Brown, François K. Edwards, Lawrence N. Hudson, Alexander M. Milner and Guy Woodward


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