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Government research and funding agencies

If your department, agency or ministry is looking to inform its overall strategic direction, evaluate funding requests, enable research collaboration or measure research performance, Scopus can help.

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From search and discovery to research assessments, we can help

In addition to its strengths as a search and discovery tool, Scopus is the main data source for Elsevier's SciVal. Additionally, Scopus Custom Data and Elsevier’s Analytical Services can provide data-driven insights into research trends and overall impact. This is why Elsevier is a trusted data provider and partner in a number of prestigious rankings, customized reports and national assessment exercises. Learn more by viewing these reports:

Research managers

Research managers are charged with ensuring a requisite return on research investment and allocating the appropriate resources where necessary. Scopus helps with:

  • Assessing scientific output in a given field

  • Enhancing research efficiency and discovery

  • Evaluating potential institutions and collaborators for university-government projects


The demands on researchers to stay productive and increase research output are considerable. Scopus supports:

  • Searching for relevant topics and articles during the literature review phase

  • Deciding where to publish or simply analyzing the top journals and authors in your discipline

  • Discovering how many citations an article or author has received

  • Identifying potential collaborators

Funders and policymakers

Research funders and science policymakers leverage Scopus data to guide funding strategies and determine resource allocation, evaluate research impact and return on investment, facilitate knowledge exchange, and inform policy and legislation. Scopus data supports:

  • Finding grant reviewers

  • Evaluating grant proposals

  • Facilitating knowledge exchange

  • Stimulating research and economic development


Librarians are a driving force in scientific discovery, guiding researchers toward relevant information sources and data. Scopus helps with:

  • Providing users with a global, comprehensive abstract and citation database of authoritative, peer-reviewed content

  • Linking quickly and accurately to full-text publications, optimizing your organization's investment in information resources

  • Increasing the visibility of and access to other library resources

  • Informing collection management decisions through analysis of highly-cited articles, journals, books and conference proceedings

Learn how Scopus can help your organization achieve its goals.

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