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SciVal Impact

Uncover and highlight your societal, political and technological impact at the organization, research group and individual level with the Impact module. Build a strong picture of your impact on society with impact data, metrics and insights to enrich your local knowledge and build effective narratives.

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SciVal Impact module

Demonstrating research impact is challenging

Researchers strive to solve the world's most pressing challenges and positively impact society. Yet, demonstrating the broader societal impact of research activities is not easy. This is because:

  • Research impact is diverse and hard to define

  • Case studies are labor-intensive and carry a large administrative burden

  • The data and insights to demonstrate impact come in many forms and from different sources

The impact module provides data, metrics and insights to enrich local knowledge and build clear and effective narratives around the broader impact of your research activities.

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Screenshot of a policy impact in SciVal

Highlight your policy impact

Policy citations indicate how research affects policy-making at local, national, international and regional levels. The Impact module provides access to impact data, metrics, and insights to uncover policy mentions, build narratives and demonstrate your broader societal and political impact.

  • Discover the research outputs being cited in policy documents and uncover the publication mentions for the development of impact narratives

  • Showcase the broader societal and political impact of your research programs to external stakeholders

  • Highlight your policy impact in marketing and media communications

Editorial illustration with overlay of Scival features demonstrating broad impact

Showcase your technological impact

Patent citations provide insights into innovation pathways and the potential technological and economic outcomes and impact of your research programs.

  • Discover the research outputs being cited in patents and the patents underpinned by your research outputs

  • Showcase the technological impact of your research programs to external stakeholders

  • Highlight your innovations and technological impact in marketing & media communications

Enhance your reputation

Find evidence to demonstrate your broader impact to the public, potential donors, governments and funding bodies, and showcase how your research is informing policy and driving innovation.

  • Benchmark your societal, political and technological impact against peers

  • Collect evidence of your contribution to policy-making for the THE Impact Rankings submission and for management-level reports

  • Enhance promotion and tenure applications, university webpages and research portals with impact data, metrics and insights

Illustration of university relationships

Enrich funding bids & impact case studies

Uncover publication mentions within policy documents and patent citations to complement your local knowledge to:

  • Enrich funding bids with impact narratives and metrics

  • Develop clear impact narratives for national assessments

  • Support team building for targeted funding bids by identifying key researchers influencing policy-making and driving innovation in priority fields

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Discover research & researchers influencing policy making

Discover cited research and the researchers on and beyond campus who influence policy making or are central to innovation pathways to identify:

  • Potential collaboration or partnership opportunities across corporate, academic and all sectors

  • Identify researchers driving innovation and having potential technological & economic impact

  • Researchers who could participate in policy committees or media and outreach activities

  • Experts in fields of interest cited in key policy documents and who may strengthen your research program

Editorial illustration of university-industry collaboration

Update stakeholders, track progress and inform management decisions

SciVal includes comprehensive reporting functionality so that you can create reports tailored to your organization's needs.  Model scenarios and share insights with stakeholders to inform decision-making.

  • Create analyses across each of the six SciVal modules

  • Choose predefined reporting templates or adapt one to fit your own needs

  • Save your most used reports as templates

  • Share reports with other SciVal users in your Institution

Create, manage and organize your information with My SciVal

My SciVal works across all modules and makes finding, sharing and analyzing your entities and analyses straightforward. You can use My SciVal to:

  • Build a group of researchers you want to evaluate and monitor

  • Edit Research Areas by adding search terms or applying filters

  • Add and modify tags such as department or project names to manage entities with ease

  • Share entities with other SciVal users

  • Download information about all Topics & Topic Clusters in a single spreadsheet

Learn more about SciVal and explore each of its modules

SciVal offers complementary modules to help you evaluate and analyze the research performance of institutions and their researchers worldwide. Explore each module to discover more ways SciVal can help your research thrive.

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