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Preparing more future health professionals

The success of the next generation of healthcare providers depends on efficient, effective learning strategies.

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From education to practice

Preparing future professionals for a successful healthcare career means we need to engage students meaningfully across diverse learning environments and focus more on competency-based learning to ensure they are practice-ready.

A new dimension of learning

By providing a more personalized learning experience, and addressing their individual challenges, we meet students where they are and support each stage of their medical career.

Solutions like Osmosis and Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical from Elsevier are powerful visual learning tools that help simplify the complex nature of medical education, making the healthcare field more accessible — and setting students up for success.

Reshaping how we educate students

Our passionate innovators, Shiv Gaglani, Co-Founder and CEO of Osmosis, Global Medical Education Team, and Irene Walsh, Director of Product, Design and Development, 3D4Medical from Elsevier discuss how technology can reshape the way we educate students.

Preparing more future health professionals

Learn more about the state of healthcare and what the future may bring in our Clinician of the Future report.

"More is expected of us, with an increasing workload and constant training to keep up to date and move forward. This has an impact on work/life balance and morale amongst some colleagues is low."

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