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Committee & speakers

Keynote Speakers

Richard Clegg


Richard Clegg

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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Jose Adam


Jose M. Adam


ICITECH, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Spain

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Kamran Nikbin


Kamran Nikbin

Imperial College London, UK

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Pandora Psyllaki


Pandora Psyllaki

University of West Attica, Greece

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Nima Shamsaei


Nima Shamsaei

Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Distinguished Professor

Auburn University, USA

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Zhen-Guo Yang


Zhen-Guo Yang

Fudan University Department of Material Science, China

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Conference Chairs

Cesar Azevado


Cesar Azevedo


Engineering Failure Analysis and University of Sao Paulo, SAO PAULO, Brazil

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Richard Clegg


Richard Clegg

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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Virginia Infante


Virginia Infante

IDMEC, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

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George Pantazopoulos


George Pantazopoulos

ELKEME Hellenic Research Centre

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Scientific Committee

Dr. David M. Bastidas, ROSEN USA, Inc., USA

Prof. Filippo Berto, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India

Dr. Marianthi Bouzouni, ELKEME Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A., Greece

Prof. Ricardo Branco, University of Coimbra Department of Mechanical Engineering, Portugal

Prof. Constantine David, International Hellenic University, Greece

Prof. Omar Es-Said, Loyola Marymount University, USA

Prof. De-Cheng Feng, Southeast University, China

Prof. Constantinos Goulas, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Dr. Meysam Haghshenas, The University of Toledo, USA

Prof. Gregory Haidemenopoulos, University of Thessaly, Greece

Prof. Evangelos Hristoforou, Technical University of Athens, Greece

Prof. Alexis Kermanidis, University of Thessaly, Greece

Prof. Angeliki Lekatou, University of Ioannina, Greece

Prof. Ali Mehmanparast, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

Prof. Nikolaos Melanitis, Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece

Prof. Nikolaos Michailidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. Gabriele Milani, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy

Prof. Katarina Monkova, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Dr. Lucia Morales-Rivas, National Center for Metallurgical Research, Spain

Dr.  Sebastian Münstermann, RWTH Aachen University Steel Institute, Germany

Dr. Narayana Murty, Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, India

Dr. Babatunde Abiodun Obadele, Botswana International University of Science and Technology, Botswana

Prof. Alkiviadis Paipetis, University of Ioannina, Greece

Prof. Spiros Pantelakis, University of Patras, Greece

Dr. Sofia Papadopoulou, ELKEME Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A., Greece

Prof. Spyros Papaefthymiou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Dr. Leong Hien Poh, National University of Singapore Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Singapore

Dr. Judha Purbolaksono, Pertamina University, Indonesia

Prof. Xiaodan Ren, Tongji University College of Civil Engineering, China

Dr. Diogo Rodrigo, Ribeiro, School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

Dr Aleksandar Sedmak, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, President of ESIS, President of DIVK

Prof. Nima Shamsaei, Auburn University, USA

Prof. Dilson Silva dos Santos, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prof. Konstantinos Stamoulis, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Dr. Sérgio Souto Maior Tavares, Federal Fluminense University, Brazil

Dr. Theofani Tzevelekou, ELKEME Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A., Greece

Dr. Sabrina Vantadori, University of Parma, Italy

Prof. M. Vasudevan, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research Head Materials Development and Technology Division, India

Prof. Nikolaos Vaxevanidis, ASPETE, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Greece

Dr. Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, ELKEME Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A., Greece

Prof. George-Christopher Vosniakos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Dr. Frank Walther, TU Dortmund University, Germany

Prof. Liyang Xie, Northeastern University, China

Prof. Wenyi Yan, Monash University, Australia

Prof. Zhen-Guo Yang, Fudan University Department of Material Science, China

Prof. Anna Zervaki, National Technical University of Athens, Greece