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Celebrating Women in Process Intensification

Join us in honoring the groundbreaking work of a global group of passionate and committed women, as we showcase their inspiring journeys and recognize the significant impact they have had on their field. Together, let's celebrate their accomplishments, inspire the next generation, and shape the future of process intensification

Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process intensification opens in new tab/windowis celebrating the diversity of career pathways of women in process intensification with a special issue, which will soon be available.

In the meantime, we have created this platform to bring together insights from our guest editors and contributors.

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Video interviews

We asked a series of questions, that a few of the guest editors kindly answered in a concise and insightful video. Through their thoughtful insights and shared experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the significance of celebrating diversity and highlighting the achievements of women in this field.

Interview with Dr Emma Emanuelsson

Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath CEP Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Special Issue Guest Editor

Interview with Prof. Kamelia Boodhoo

Professor of Intensified Chemical Processing, Director of Chemical Engineering, Newcastle University Executive Editor and Special Issue Guest Editor

Interview with Prof. Daria Camilla Bofitto

Professor Of Chemical Engineering, Politechnique Montréal Special Issue Guest Editor

Now let’s hear it from the contributors

Watch more videos featuring inspirational women from around the world, who are all contributors to our special issue. Some videos are longer than others, so you may want to take a moment for yourself and grab a cup of coffee! These videos offer a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from eight remarkable individuals as they share their stories, experiences, and insights within the field of process intensification. Each showcases the passion, expertise, and career path of these women, providing a source of motivation and inspiration for all.

Interview with Prof. Claudia Gutierrez-Antonio

Research professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Mexico

Interview with Engr. Dr. Elizabeth Jumoke Eterigho

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Interview with Prof. Francesca Paradisi

Sustainable Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Bern, Switzerland

Interview with Prof. Inès Esma Achouri

Assistant Professor, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Interview with Prof. Nathalie Di Miceli Raimondi

University of Toulouse, France

Interview with Prof. Nelly Ramírez-Corona

Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico

Interview with Prof. Reyes Mallada-Viana

University of Zaragoza, Spain

Interview with Prof. Yanet Villasana

Universidad Regional Amazónica IKEA, Ecuador

Thank you to Early Career Advisory Board Member Eduardo Sánchez-Ramírez and Editorial Mentee Sutanwi Lahiri, PhD for conducting some of the interviews.

Panel discussion

Towards a more inclusive Chemical Engineering

Virtual panel discussion on the future of women and inclusivity in chemical engineering

Discover challenges faced by female academics and engineers, and explore ways in which engineering can be more inclusive. Our panel of experts discussed biases, stereotypes, and underrepresentation, providing insights and actionable solutions for a more equitable future.

(Panel discussion took place on June 20, 2024)

  • Dr. Gloria Buitimea - Master of Ceremony

  • Prof. Kamelia Boodhoo - CEP Executive

  • Editor Prof. Marc-Olivier Coppens - CEP Editor-in-Chief

  • Dr. Emma Emanuelsson Patterson - CEP deputy Editor-in-Chief

  • Dr. Enrique López - CEP Early Career Board

  • Prof. Reyes Mallada - CEP Executive Editor

  • Dr. Sharon Velasquez-Orta – Snr. Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Special Issue

Once available, you will be able to access the special issue from here. Meanwhile you can find out more about it.