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Engineering students in a classroom working on a project

Knovel helps your students save time, incorporate technical information into their work and expand their knowledge. With the same engineering resources and tools as professionals in the field, students are better prepared for a technology-driven and competitive job market.

  • Single platform, many providers: Content from the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Wiley, Springer Nature, Elsevier and many more on a single platform

  • Unique training environment: Interdisciplinary breadth combined with an intuitive user interface helps students enhance information literacy and creative problem-solving

  • Early exposure to industry: Build applied engineering and research skills with dynamic content, trusted references, technical references and industry best practices

We offer flexible subscription options, fully compliant usage reports, and customer support and resources to help librarians like you in your mission of promoting curiosity, knowledge and student success.

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Chemical Engineering project with Knovel

Learn how to build a process flow diagram for brewing and pick the right materials for fermentation using Knovel.

Knovel in the Classroom

"Knovel’s information and interactive tools provide real value to students."

Lim Kong Meng


Lim Kong Meng

Head Librarian at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Content sources from more than 140 of the world’s most trusted engineering sources

Knovel provides broad coverage of engineering topics from sources across disciplines and industries.

  • >40 subject categories

  • >54 million data points

  • >250 universities & research institutions worldwide

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Customer stories

Chosun University

Transforming lab research and teaching with Knovel and Engineering Village

Professor Heejin Jang used data and insights from the Elsevier Engineering solutions to enhance her research project, streamline workflows and optimize student learning

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Transforming lab research and teaching with Knovel and Engineering Village

Chosun University case study

Drexel University

Empowering a research-based learning experience

With the help of Knovel and Engineering Village to support their projects, these students ultimately paved the path toward their research, education and career goals.

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University of Arkansas

Preparing engineering students for the future

Faculty leveraged Elsevier's Engineering Academic Challenge to teach students how to uncover engineering insights in less time than basic web searches.

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University of Buffalo

Achieving education and research goals using Knovel’s technical insights and properties data

Two librarians at the University of Buffalo teach students to use Knovel as their first choice for conducting precision data searches.

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Nanyang Technological University

Engaging and equipping students with applied engineering and research skills

The head of the engineering library at NTU — considered one of the top 50 universities in the world — uses Knovel to help students understand that they need to seek out better research solutions than mainstream search engines.

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Oklahoma State University

Instilling practical research skills in engineering students

OSU’s Engineering Librarian used the Knovel Academic Challenge as a fun way to introduce students to Knovel’s peer reviewed content and it worked, instilling practical research skills.

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"Unlike web search engines, Knovel always finds information from reliable technical resources…you don’t have to pore through…questionable options."

Librarian at desk


Patricia Kirkwood

Associate Librarian at University of Arkansas, USA

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Engineering students working on project in classroom