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ClinicalKey AI Conversational Search

ClinicalKey AI leverages generative AI technology to generate summarized clinical responses from the latest evidence-based content.

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Clinician with AI sparkles

ClinicalKey AI in action

Elsevier's ClinicalKey AI, our latest clinical solution leveraging generative AI, supports clinicians at the point of care with answers to some of the most complex questions. The solution allows clinicians to enter questions using various shorthand terms and acronyms to support faster input and generate summarized responses using the latest evidence and drug information.  

What are characteristics echo finding in patient with ebstein anomaly

Conversational language search

From the above example, clinicians can use truly conversational language, and our trained large language models can understand shorthand or abbreviated terms and repeat back the fully interpreted query.

What are the characteristics echo finding in patient with ebstein anomaly

Summarized clinical responses backed by citations

ClinicalKey AI provides a summary based on the latest evidence-based information from Elsevier and trusted third-party sources, with including to citations for transparency and access to detailed information.

Ebstein anomaly endnotes with citation

Additional information for deeper knowledge

When a clinician wants a bit more detail, they can expand the Additional Information section to reveal further information related to their query. 

Ebstein Additional Information

See more sample queries using ClinicalKey AI.


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