Supporting Open Access

We offer a mix of publishing models to reflect the different ways authors choose to publish articles. There is growing demand for open access and we are working hard to meet that option for researchers.

Uptake of open access across the industry

In 2018 there were an estimated 2.1 million subscription and 0.5 million open access articles published worldwide. Over the same year, open access represented an estimated 20% of the total amount of articles produced.

Open Access number of articles published

Here are 10 ways in which we support open access

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More than 85%

1. Over 85% of our journals offer the option to publish open access and make an article permanently available, immediately, at a price below industry average while delivering above-average quality.

Our list of article publication charges (APCs) is publicly available and downloadable here.

At Elsevier we do not charge subscribers for open access publications and only take into account subscription content when pricing subscription titles.

OA Graph

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2. All of our journals offer a free, green open access option. Every year, we actively make over 45,000 subscription articles available green open access - more than any other publisher. Through green open access, an earlier version of a journal article published under the subscription model is made freely available after an embargo.

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Capacity building

3. We are investing in capacity-building to remain one of the fastest-growing open access publishers. In 2018 we published 26% more open access articles than the previous year.

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More than 70%

4. Over 70% of the journals we launched in the past three years are fully open access, bringing the total to over 250 gold OA journals. These sit alongside 1900 hybrid journals that already offer the option to publish open access.

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5. We continue to evolve, explore and create new OA options to fit our authors' needs. This includes experimenting with open access mirror journals, as well as the possibility to publish alternative article types such as data, methods, software and hardware in journals dedicated to these research elements.

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130 journals

6. We make open archives available for 130 journals, including Cell Press titles after 12 months.

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7. We work closely with funders and institutions around the world, supporting researchers through agreements in Norway, Finland, Italy, UK, Portugal, Japan, the US and others to make articles open access. We also invest in improving our systems and processes to make authors aware of these agreements and of their compliant options during their publishing journey.

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8. We make it easy to find open access articles. Through our partnership with ImpactStory, over 8.5 million articles are now tagged as "open access" in Scopus.

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Peer review

9. We encourage researchers to share their work prior to peer-review on any platform of their choice. One of them is SSRN, a free preprint-sharing server for all researchers, where over 400,000 authors have uploaded 731,000+ papers across 37 disciplines, generating 13.1 million annual downloads.

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Research institutions

10. We support over 600 research institutions to build their own open access programs by providing them with the infrastructure to do so using Digital Commons. Over 3 million such open access articles are surfaced via Digital Commons and have been shared more than half a billion times.

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