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The level of stress radiologists and pathologists go through while trying to make a correct diagnosis is palpable. Medical knowledge is expanding all the time. Elsevier’s evidence-based diagnostic decision support solutions bring the knowledge of the brightest minds in medicine directly to you at the click of a button. You can view more information on these solutions and sign up for a trial below. Your colleague in the room.


STATdx for Radiologists

Seconds away from a second opinion.

With STATdx the support of an expert second opinion is only a click away.

STATdx is widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of radiology reference solutions. The tool will help you diagnose consistently with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Each topic is written, and each image is selected by the same author team that brought the world best-selling titles; Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Specialty Imaging, Expert DDx, and Imaging Anatomy collections, but STATdx is so much more than a static resource, it is a comprehensive, searchable, integrated radiology decision support system covering all areas of the body.

Here’s what Anne Osborn has to say about STATdx

Watch Dr. Anne Osborn, MD, FACR discuss an emergency room case involving an 8-year-old boy that was experiencing intracranial pressure.

Radiologists at a leading hospital in Taiwan are discovering the benefits of using STATdx rather than free resources.

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Learning innovation in radiological imaging

The University of Cantabria, Spain and Elsevier conducted a joint evaluation project on the use of STATdx® as a e-learning training tool. STATdx® allows the student to learn and solve problems autonomously with current evidence based information to promote their continuous education.

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RADPrimer for Radiology Professionals

Expand your expertise

Whether you are a budding resident or an experienced radiologist, healthcare professionals cannot afford to stop learning. RADPrimer is regularly enriched with more images to view, more questions to answer, and more innovative ways to help understand key concepts in Radiology. Each of its 300 authors is committed to revolutionizing radiology education.

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Stay updated in the rapidly changing medical landscape of radiology with the most recent resources available through RADPrimer

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RADPrimer Faculty
Overview of RADPrimer Faculty module. It covers all eleven traditional radiology disciplines, plus appropriateness criteria, physics and safety.

RADPrimer Student
Overview of RADPrimer Faculty module. It covers all eleven traditional radiology disciplines, plus appropriateness criteria, physics and safety.

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ExpertPath for Pathologists

Get a few thousand second opinions

ExpertPath is a smart tool that actively helps to narrow down your search immediately by consolidating images, diagnoses, patient cases, procedures and tools in one place helping you to reach a diagnosis efficiently, accurately and fast. Including content from world renowned publications but updated and vetted regularly by the authors that write them, you always have the most current and accurate answer.

Each topic and image is written and selected by the same author team that brought the world the best-selling Diagnostic Pathology collection.

Rely on the experts with ExpertPath

“There is pressure on my time, how can I report back the quickest and most accurate way?”
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“What’s the latest information about this diagnosis? Is the information I’m relying on current?”
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“Am I ordering the appropriate test for the diagnosis I am faced with? Can I justify costs and use funds efficiently?”
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Your questions need unquestionable answers

The ImmunoQuery database is fully referenced with abstract access and offers artefacts and pitfalls to avoid. The customizable, user-designed query is accessed via the internet, and is available by annual subscription.

Pathologists can also use ExpertPath’s anatomic and clinical evidence-based content in conjunction with ImmunoQuery to research a diagnosis, compare differentials and formulate a list of tests to run to help differentiate between them.

ImmunoQuery contains the raw evidence-based data that is curated globally from antibody studies by experts in the literature.

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PATHPrimer for Pathology Professionals

Expand your expertise

PATHPrimer is an integrated, web-based pathology resource designed to serve resident, educator and physician needs with comprehensive educational content. Featuring case studies, reference images and diagnosis solutions for both anatomic and clinical pathology, the PATHPrimer experience is tailored to each user.

Stay updated in the rapidly changing medical landscape of pathology with the most recent resources available through PATHPrimer

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Diagnostic Decision Support: In Practice

Our “In Practice” sessions put the best medical experts from around the globe, together with our leading-edge radiology and pathology technology products to truly inspire you to help achieve better patient outcomes.


An interactive STATdx case-based session demonstrating the use of Clinical Diagnostic Support Solutions with Dr Peter Leander, Chief of Radiology at Region Skane, Sweden.

Discover how diagnostic decision support tools aid in reaching decisions when reading complex cases with Prof. Charbel Saade.

Managing Cardiovascular Imaging with STATdx: Rapid access to differential diagnosis with Prof. Charbel Saade, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Canberra

STATdx – A diagnostic decision support tool with Dr. Mathew Morgan

Scenarios and encounters explained. A typical day in the life of a Radiologist with STATdx

Learn more from Prof Saade about his views on the future of clinical imaging and how diagnostic decision support tools (like STATdx) can evolve to support this.

The role of radiology

Challenges Radiologists face

The future of Clinical Image

Impact of evidence based CDS

ECR Interviews and Webinars

Dr. Anne Osborn

Daniel Nenciu

Prof. Charbel Saade


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Experts give their best advice to succeeding in the evermore challenging world of radiology.

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“ImmunoQuery seduced us due to its value when it comes to determining the diagnosis and through its added saving in time".

We interview Doctor Ramiro Álvarez Alegret, Head of the Pathological Anatomy Department, Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet, Zaragoza.

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An interview with…

Hear why Region Skane in Sweden invested In STATdx from Chief of Radiology, Dr Peter Leander.


Reducing variation webinar.

Watch our recorded webinar from respected American pathologist Dr Lester D.R. Thompson on the importance of evidence based clinical decision support to reduce variation.

The future of health

Innovations in Radiology post COVID19, by Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, Senior Director, Radiology Services MAX Healthcare, India.

A 5-week thought-leadership series that features a line-up of healthcare practitioners from around the Asia-Pacific and EMEALA region

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