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Your reward as a clinician is making lots of little differences - and sometimes very big ones - in improving the lives of patients. Ours is helping you make them. When you’re under the constant pressure of time and increased workloads, the challenge of increasingly complex conditions and patient expectation can prompt more questions than ever before. As such you never stand still, and neither does knowledge, in a highly dynamic healthcare environment.

ClinicalKey can relieve the pressure of staying on top of current research, procedures and evidence-based practice related to complex clinical diagnoses, helping you make informed decisions.

Even if you are a medical student or junior doctor on your way to becoming a doctor, the advanced search engine behind ClinicalKey makes it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge to support your studies and clinical decisions to improve patient outcomes.

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Continuously updated as new information is published

Smart search technology for quicker answers

EHR integration adds efficiency in clinical workflow

Mobile app for Apple and Android devices

Earn CME Points as you search

Personalisation and sharing features

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