Recent Exhibitions

This is an overview of recent conferences and exhibitions that Elsevier has participated in during the last three months. This interactive site displays most exhibitions featuring participation by Elsevier's Science & Technology and Health Science divisions. Please visit our upcoming exhibitions.

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05-Jul-2015 to 10-Jul-2015
International Conference on Magnetism
NA, Barcelona, Spain

05-Jul-2015 to 09-Jul-2015
International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization
NA, Singapore, Singapore

04-Jul-2015 to 09-Jul-2015
Federation of European Biochemical Societies Congress with GBM joint meeting
NA, Berlin, Germany

02-Jul-2015 to 04-Jul-2015
European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine
NA, Nuremberg, Germany

01-Jul-2015 to 03-Jul-2015
American Control Conference
NA, Chicago, United States

30-Jun-2015 to 03-Jul-2015
Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting
NA, Atlanta, United States

29-Jun-2015 to 02-Jul-2015
Joint conference of the Australian Society for Parasitology and the New Zealand Society for Parasitology
NA, Auckland, Australia

29-Jun-2015 to 01-Jul-2015
Micromethods in Proteinanalysis
NA, Dortmund, Germany

29-Jun-2015 to 02-Jul-2015
Royal College of Psychiatrists
NA, Birmingham, United Kingdom

29-Jun-2015 to 01-Jul-2015
UK Radiology Congress
NA, Liverpool, United Kingdom

28-Jun-2015 to 02-Jul-2015
IUPAC International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Symposium
NA, Barcelona, Spain

28-Jun-2015 to 02-Jul-2015
AMSE Power Energy
NA, San Diego, United States
Booth/stand number(s) - 508
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28-Jun-2015 to 03-Jul-2015
International Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology
NA, Murcia, Spain

27-Jun-2015 to 30-Jun-2015
Association for Professionals in Infection Control
NA, Nashville, United States

27-Jun-2015 to 01-Jul-2015
Annual Meeting of the Teratology Society with the Annual Meeting of the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society
NA, Montreal, Canada

26-Jun-2015 to 03-Jul-2015
IAHR World Congress
NA, The Hague, Netherlands

25-Jun-2015 to 30-Jun-2015
American Library Association Annual
Moscone Center, San Francisco, United States

24-Jun-2015 to 27-Jun-2015
International Society for Stem Cell Research ISSCR
NA, Stockholm, Sweden
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24-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015
British Association of Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery
NA, Bruges, Belgium

24-Jun-2015 to 27-Jun-2015
European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
NA, Helsinki, Finland

24-Jun-2015 to 27-Jun-2015
International Society for Stem Cell Research
NA, Stockholm, Sweden
Booth/stand number(s) - B06 10

23-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015
Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications
NA, Galway, Ireland

23-Jun-2015 to 28-Jun-2015
European Proteomics Association Annual Congress
NA, Milan, Italy
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23-Jun-2015 to 26-Jun-2015
Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry Conference
NA, Wrexham, United Kingdom

22-Jun-2015 to 25-Jun-2015
World of Laser Photonics
NA, Munich, Germany