Date: March 16, 2018, Friday
Venue: Taipei Medical University ( Main campus ), Lecture Hall 4F TransportationTMU Map
The conference will be conducted in English with presentation slides displayed in both English and Chinese. 
There is no registration fee for the conference.

日期: 2018 年 3 月 16 日 ( 星期五 ) 
地點: 臺北醫學大學 ( 校本部 ),醫學綜合大樓前棟四樓,誠樸廳 交通資訊校園地圖

介紹 Intro

Good research information management practices can help a university showcase strengths and better understand the full picture of activity on campus. When you fully understand all the researcher-related activity on campus, you can make more informed decisions that can help guide your research strategy.

This free 1/2-day seminar, co-hosted by TMU library and Elsevier ,featuring speakers from the US, Hong Kong and Japan, will provide insights on overcoming the most pressing challenges that research management and institutional research professionals face. Learn how to improve your institute’s ability to establish, execute and evaluate research strategy and performance via:
本次由臺北醫學大學圖書館及 Elsevier 合作舉辦為期半天的研討會,邀請來自美國、香港以及日本的講者,分享如何克服研究管理和機構研究人員面臨的挑戰。本研討會透過以下面向分享如何增進機構建立、執行及評估研究策略和表現的能力:

  • Solutions to showcase the full spectrum of academic activities on the researcher, research center or departmental level
  • Best practices around setting up a system collecting, storing and reporting on research-related data
  • Case studies on reporting and business intelligence tools for research-intensive institutions
  • Techniques for better institutional visibility to support cross-institutional collaboration and academic-industry collaboration

Additionally, this event will give you a chance to build your professional network, with both local and global universities. 

Why should you attend?

  1. Learn about best practices for research information management.
  2. Get insights on the advantages of buying an off-the-shelf research information system.
  3. Understand how research management tools like Pure can support a comprehensive research strategy and support goals around improving research performance.
  4. Hear about how leading institutions including Taipei Medical University, Hong Kong City University and Osaka University are using Pure for showcasing and reporting.
    瞭解優秀學校,如:臺北醫學大學、香港城市大學與大阪大學如何使用 Pure 展現學校表現及優勢
  5. Network with industry colleagues and meet the global team behind Elsevier’s Pure.
    藉由 Pure 認識並拓展產業界與學術界人脈與團隊

議程 Agenda

Time 時間Topic 主題
13:00 -13:30Registration 報到
13:30 -13:40Welcome Speech 歡迎致詞
President, Taipei Medical University 臺北醫學大學 林建煌校長
13:40 -14:10CityU Scholars – What have we gone through?
香港城市大學學術庫 - 我們成就了什麼?

Mr. John Hui
Director of Enterprise Solutions Office
City University of Hong Kong
Share how Pure helps support CityU’s research ambitions, why CityU chose Pure instead of building their own system and how having Pure as the one single source of data available to all faculties and departments, resulted in improved reporting, saving time, and greater faculty satisfaction. Moreover CityU shares how data collected in the back end can be used to report out to funders, governments and internal stakeholders.

分享 Pure 如何支援香港城市大學的研究目標;香港城市大學為何會選擇使用 Pure,而非建置自有系統;自從香港城市大學採用 Pure 作為全體教職員與系所唯一可用的資料來源後,如何改善報告情形、節省時間、並提升教職員滿意度。另外,香港城市大學將分享如何運用後端蒐集的資料,向經費補助單位、政府、及內部利害關係人回報研究情形。
14:10 -14:40How Pure helps Osaka U develop research strategy
Pure 如何協助大阪大學制定研究策略

Prof Shota Fujii
Associate professor, Office of Management and Planning
Osaka University
How Osaka University is using Pure to develop research strategy and support and improve the performance of young researchers.

Pure 如何協助大阪大學制定研究策略,及如何支援與改善年輕研究人員的績效。
14:40 -15:00Break 中場休息
15:00 -15:30How TMU Library showcases researchers’ works in Pure
臺北醫學大學圖書館應用 Pure 之經驗

Prof. Tzu-Heng Chiu
Library Director
Taipei Medical University
How Pure is helping TMU to centrally administrate data collation and research reporting of its different colleges and research centers, and align research information to the practice of international communities.

Pure 如何協助臺北醫學大學集中管理各所學院及研究中心的資料定序與研究報告,並確保研究資訊符合國際社群的實務。
15:30 -16:00How to Use Pure Portal to Make University’s Research More Visible?
如何利用 Pure 入口網站來提高大學研究成果的能見度?

Kelechi Okere
Regional Solution Sales Director, Research Management
Demonstrate some US cases on how Pure helps universities showcase their expertise to stimulate more global collaborative partnerships with both cross-institutional and with industry partners and attract new research talent to the region.

展示數則美國案例,說明 Pure 如何協助大學展現自身專業,進而促成大學與他所院校及產業夥伴建立更為全球化的合作關係,以及吸引新的研究人才前往該所大學所在區域。
16:00-16:30Global Trends in Institutional Research Solutions

Adam Jia Kang, Goh
Solution Sales Manager of Pure Solution
This presentation discusses the evolution of systems used in institutions to support the research lifecycle. We will also discuss on the differences between institutional repositories and research management systems; and their role in today’s research landscape.

此項討論主題包括:用於支援校務研究生命週期的系統,所經歷的演進歷程;機構典藏 ( institutional repository ) 與研究管理系統之間的差異;校務研究解決方案在當前研究版圖扮演的角色。
16:30-16:50Q&A Prof. Tzu-Heng Chiu, Library Director of Taipei Medical University 
問題與討論 臺北醫學大學圖書館館長 邱子恒教授

講者 Speakers

Mr. John Hui 許仁強先生

Mr. John Hui 許仁強先生

Director of Enterprise Solutions Office City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 資訊系統服務處處長 香港城市大學

Mr. John HUI, the Director of Enterprise Solutions Office of City University of Hong Kong ( CityU ), supports strategic planning and leads the office to deliver information system services to the CityU community.


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Dr. Shota FUJII 藤井翔太博士

Dr. Shota FUJII 藤井翔太博士

Associate Professor, Office of Management and Planning Osaka University, Japan 日本大阪大學管理和規畫辦公室副教授

Dr. Shota FUJII is associate professor at Office of Management and Planning, Osaka University. He originally learned Sports History ( the governance of professional football in 19-20th century England ). He acquired M.A. in sport history and culture at De Montfort University and Ph.D. in Literature at Kyoto University.

藤井翔太博士,大阪大學經營企劃部門講師,原修習體育史 ( 19-20 世紀英國職業足球體系之治理 ),取得德蒙福特大學體育史碩士學位,京都大學文學研究科博士學位。

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Prof. Tzu-heng Chiu 邱子恒教授

Prof. Tzu-heng Chiu 邱子恒教授

Library Director, Taipei Medical University President, Taiwan Medical Library Association 臺北醫學大學圖書館館長 臺灣醫學圖書館學會理事長

Prof. Tzu-heng Chiu is the professor of Center for General Education at Taipei Medical University, the Director of Taipei Medical University Library, and the President of Taiwan Medical Library Association.


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Kelechi Okere

Kelechi Okere

Regional Solution Sales Director, Research Management, Elsevier Elsevier 研究解決方案區域行銷總監

Kelechi leads the team responsible for the commercial market penetration of Pure as the Global Pure Sales Director based in NYC.

Kelechi 目前為 Elsevier Pure 產品全球銷售總監,辦公室位於美國,他所領導的團隊負責 Pure 的業務銷售。

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Adam Jia Kang, Goh 吳佳康

Adam Jia Kang, Goh 吳佳康

Solution Sales Manager of Pure Solution, Elsevier Elsevier Pure 解決方案經理

Adam is the Solution Sales Manager for Pure in Elsevier. He is responsible for developing the market for Pure across the Asia Pacific region.

Adam 目前在 Elsevier 擔任 Pure 解決方案經理,他負責開發 Pure 產品在亞太區的市場。

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