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Chemical literature & data for academic research

Expand research interests for your institution with a state-of-the-art chemistry database

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Literature, properties, reactions, and experimental facts to advance your research success

Reaxys Academic Edition provides a fast, easy way to explore and use chemistry literature and data from journal and patent sources — all in one place. Built by chemists and technologists, it helps researchers expand research interests with confidence and ease. Our expertly curated solution will progress basic research with:

  • Deep & rich publisher-neutral database of published reaction & substance literature, going back to 1771

  • Volume & diversity of bioactivity data, including structure activity- and structure property-relationship data

  • Built-in published & predicted reaction routes

  • Commercial supplier information on availability of millions of building blocks & reagents

  • Accurate access to literature reference for preparation of manuscripts & funding applications

  • Advanced search that allows chemical structure & multiple data fields to be combined

  • Alerts to stay informed about the latest developments in your desired research fields

  • A robust synthesis planner and best-in-class, award-winning predictive retrosynthesis, powered by AI

"We always prefer research methods that get us to the answers faster: specific reaction and property searches such as can be done in Reaxys are very useful."

Hironao Sajiki


Hironao Sajiki

Professor at Gifu Pharmaceutical University

Reaxys covers...

  • 260+ million organic, inorganic and organometallic substances, including data on natural products with their species derivation

  • 73+ million chemical reactions

  • 500+ million published experimental facts, including substance property, spectral and reaction data

  • 44+ million bioactivities

  • 100+ million documents from a collection of over 16,000 chemistry-related periodicals from multiple publishers

  • 35+ million patents from 105 patent offices. Titles, abstracts and claims are translated to English

  • 310+ million commercial products

  • 6 indexing sources for a cross-disciplinary view of chemistry

"Reaxys lets me directly open the experimental sections and see properties, reaction types and details. That’s a huge advantage. And I can always go from the details to the source material."


Hong-Rae Kim

Research chemist at Seoul National University, South Korea

Customer success stories

Where curiosity and scientific rigor lead to greener chemistry

Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina Dr. Gustavo Pablo Romanelli, describes how his research group reaches deep into the properties and reactions data of Reaxys to redesign manufacturing processes for a greener future.

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Reaxys ULP

Customer story | Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

Reaxys' precise delivery of answers supports educational and research goals

Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan

At Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Professor Hironao Sajiki, PhD, finds Reaxys useful for both research and teaching. In this interview, he discusses how the solution’s precise delivery of answers supports his educational and research goals.

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Cover sdheet of the Reaxys Gifu Pharmaceutical University case study

Customer story | Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Revealing the chemistry of therapeutically important nucleosides

Seoul National University, South Korea Hong-Rae Kim is a research chemist focused on the chemistry of carbocyclic nucleosides, which have great potential as therapeutics. Finding the optimal synthesis method for these important compounds can be very challenging, but Reaxys is up to the task.

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Reaxys SNU

Customer story | Seoul National University, South Korea

Supporting research and teaching in organic chemistry

University of Venice, Italy

Professor Fabrizio Fabris talks to us about how Reaxys supports both his research workflow and his teaching activities in the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems.

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Cover sheet of the Reaxys University of Venice case study

Customer story | University of Venice, Italy

Subscribing to Reaxys comes with the following benefits:

  • Flexible subscription options to meet any size of institution or program

  • Usage, analytics & reporting capabilities to ensure you get the most out of your Reaxys subscription

  • Customer resources & product support such as LibGuides, onboarding & technical information, on- and off-campus access options, and product support via chat, phone or email

  • Ongoing product improvements: Reaxys is consistently improved to ensure it remains an indispensable solution for researchers

Our representatives can help you assess what’s best for your needs, whatever your institution's size, type or mission.

Reaxys Academic Collaboration Network

Elsevier’s Reaxys Team helps researchers in higher education advance science and improve outcomes for the benefit of society through work with our Academic Collaboration Network.